I Am Dale Earnhardt

SPIKE Specials

A rare peek into the life of late racing legend Dale Earnhardt told from the perspective of those who knew him best.
Aired: 03/2/2015
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Taking Sides

Coaching Bad

Taking Sides

Brandi reveals a traumatic memory from her past. Famed NFL legend, Bill Romanowski, calls out AP. And Ray and Dr. Conte learn of one coach’s dishonesty and let the group decide his fate in the...
Aired: 03/1/2015   |   Available until: 03/8/2015
Views: 3,072
All Twerk & No Pay

Bar Rescue

All Twerk & No Pay

Too busy dancing on the bar top to pour drinks, these out-of-control bartenders are in for a shock when Jon Taffer puts an end to the party.
Aired: 03/1/2015   |   Available until: 05/31/2015
Views: 4,743
February 28, 2015
Tell It To My Wife


Tell It To My Wife

A man’s wife can’t help him stay out of jail no matter how much he calls for her. One thief tries to give back his stolen loot. When approached by officers, a woman goes from passed out to out of...
Aired: 02/28/2015   |   Available until: 03/27/2015
Views: 9,780
February 24, 2015
Chainsaw Nightmare


Chainsaw Nightmare

Every cut counts and there are no do-overs when the builders must use chainsaws to transform huge tree trunks into fresh furniture.
Aired: 02/24/2015   |   Available until: 05/4/2015
Views: 19,112