Comic-Con 2014 All Access About The Show

Coverage Starts Monday July 24

Location: San Diego, CA

Spike TV once again packs up the light saber and heads to International Comic-Con: San Diego.

As sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture take over San Diego, Comic-Con 2014 All Access takes the fan's (that's you!) POV and creates the ultimate agenda to take over the con. And this year you get to feel like you lived, breathed, ate and drank in the delicious amazingness of the con. And here's how...

Bravely led by a new team of correspondents including comedians Jeff Dye, Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff and YouTube personality Akilah Hughes, Comic-Con All Access puts the super power in your hands allowing you to control the content from start to finish.... Or, #ControltheCon!

Just use #ControltheCon now and tell us which booths, panels, celebrities, parties (and secret after parties) you want to see in the show. Based on the feedback, All Access captures only what you, the fans, want. Plus, the weekend of Comic-Con (July 26-27) you will have the opportunity to vote on what content you want to see on-air in real time, and Spike delivers. Do you want Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Do you want to see Jim Carrey conduct his interview as Lloyd Christmas or Ace Ventura? You choose your own adventure. #ControltheCon and tell us what you want to see in real time – on demand on and on Spike TV!

Then tune in Thursday July 31, at 11 PM ET for the full one hour Comic-Con All Access special with all of the content you've been tweeting for! Don't just control the remote... #ControltheCon!