my OPINION why a knight would kill a spartan

August 29, 2010

1 the armour on the knight is steel plate vs bronze Edge steel plate

2 the weapons the knight has is made steel again a spartans bronze and early iron weapons Edge steel weapons

3 as far as shields go ive had the chance to hold a hoplite shield and a knights shield i prefer the knights shield its lighter and made of steel but for for the fact that this can be argued ill say these are dead even

4 now of course theres that x-factor the spartans have that feirce need to prove themselves in battle, a knight (sometimes) belives to have god with him Edge god when a man believes he has god he will do all in his power to please his god

My Conclusion now with these in mind i dont think that this would even be close the knights armour and weaponry is of a high grade that i do not believe the spartan could over come think of this a knights mace breaks bone under steel plate now throw that mace at the bronze and that bone is shattered into a thousand pieces i also dont think the design of the xiphos could pierce steel especialy not with it made of iron as for the x -factor i i dont think that that any love of war could defeat the steel knight when he believes higher power is on his side

Knight wins