Browning Joins Xtreme Couture

October 31, 2008

Reports have circulated that The Ultimate Fighter's newest goof ball Junie Allen Browning has joined the famed Xtreme Couture training facility in Las Vegas on a full-time basis.Xtreme Couture, headed by UFC Superstar Randy Couture, has earned itself the reputation as one of the most feared gyms in mixed martial arts, housing fighters like Tyson Griffin and Gray Maynard, among others.

Junie made him name early this season as the ultimate badass more so than the ultimate fighter. He introduced himself to world as a drunken firestorm -every season needs one- but of late, he's been able to quell his antics and show remote signs of growth.

In a moment of clarity a few weeks ago, he apologized to Frank Mir for exploding into a rage and jumping over the cage to challenge Efrain Escudero after his fight with Shane Nelson. Since then, he has remained relatively quite in the house and appears to be focusing on his training.

This latest step shows that Junie might finally be taking his life and career seriously. Of course, there's plenty of time left in the house for him to screw up, but this is definitely an encouraging thought. Junie has a ton of natural talent and with some refining, he could turn himself into a big-time mainstay at the UFC.

Whether or not this means he's training for a fight in December at the TUF finale is unsure, but he is definitely preparing for something.