Portable BBQ Tools for the Griller on the Go

June 15, 2011
If you're an avid "carbecuer", then chances are that you don't have an easily accessible assortment of grilling tools like tongs, spatulas, and sauce brushes at your disposal and you've got the third degree palm burns and lack of fingerprints to prove it. Now even the busiest BBQ addict can always have the necessary tools at their hickory-scented hands with this portable set of grilling tools called the "Grill Master."

It comes with all of the essentials including a meat forks, tongs, a grill scrubber, and even a serrated spatula (meat, potato salad, and friends who are only friends so they can mooch free food off of you sold separately).

The coolest part of the set is the silver attache case that houses all of your utensils. It looks just like a serious but stylish briefcase that an undercover courier would try to sneak past an airport security checkpoint, except it contains stainless steel barbecue tools instead of top secret documents. Though chances are if you try to carry either through an airport metal detector, you'll get flipped, probed, and slathered by burly women with rubber gloves just as much as the undercooked burger you're planning on grilling them with, assuming you get out of prison by the Fourth of July.

Source: Heinrich van den Berg/Getty Images/Grill Master