Ton And Allen's Big Adventure In The Big Apple

September 1, 2012
Ton and Allen have conquered much of the West Coast - especially Southern California - but the question remained, how would they fair in New York City? This week, the boys were ready to answer that question and put their auction hunting skills to the test when they visited Brooklyn. Was it all fun and games down there? Let's let the story unravel itself:


Sold For: $2,000

There's a ton of history in Brooklyn – funky history. Collectible elephant statues, vintage bar stools, oldschool speakers, and even more dust-covered goodies were awaiting the Auction Hunters in this storage unit. What really blew them away was a vintage Whac-A-Mole game though. Forget selling this thing, plug it in and let Allen and Ton go head-to-head! After calming down a bit, they chatted with a local buyer named Gordon who was a video game vendor, and decided to plug in this old game. A loose wire first got the Auction Hunters worried, but soon they finally got this thing turned on and….Allen beat Ton by 60 points (woops, spoiler alert). Oh, right, and they were also able to sell the find for $2,000.

Ton and Allen sure made some noise in the City That Never Sleeps this week: they dropped only $640 on three storage units, learned some valuable vintage game and firefighter history, sold their items for $7,250, and took home $6,610 in profit. Yes, they finally took a big bite out of the Big Apple.

Want to see Ton and Allen conqueror a flaming apartment in a New York Minute? Sit back, relax, and push play on this week's latest episode, "Gangs Of New York." The Auction Hunters Facebook page has all the latest news and updates you need, so don't forget to stop by there, and lastly, stay tuned for new adventures of the Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.