Deadliest Warrior: Persian Immortal vs. Celt Warrior

June 13, 2010

This weeks matchup is between a Persian Immortal and a Celtic Warrior.It was to hard to choose so im neutral again.

Persian Winning Factors:

1. The Persians were elite archers and could pick down the celt easily.

2. Immortals were considered to be one of the most elite soldiers on the Earth at the time.

3. With their superior power they conquered most of the known world for Persia which shows their experience as soldiers.

Celt Winning Factors:

1.The celts did ware armor although many believe they went into battle butt naked. They wore mail and had strong headgear unlike the wicker armor of the Persians.

2. The celts were expert metal workers and made great tools and weapons. 

3. During the height of their reign they conquered most of Europe which made them very feared soldiers.