Mantenna - Monday, January 5

January 5, 2009

Tommy Lee tells how to get backstage at a Mötley Crüe concert, why an angry Juggalo is taking the Insane Clown Posse to court, and the top 20 hottest TV sports personalities of all's the Mantenna!

Bikini Girl Slip N’ Slide

Japanese game shows are truly awesome. Producers over there basically think up anything they want and turn it into a television show. You can just imagine them sitting around a room going “Let’s get a bunch of hot girls in bikinis, lube them up, line them up in a row and have some dude slide over them.” Watch the video as an elderly man tries to successfully complete this challenge. It’s inspirational stuff. [COED Magazine]

The 20 Hottest Sports TV Personalities of All Time

These days you have to be pretty damn hot to be a female TV sportscaster. The talent on the sidelines used to need to know a thing or two about sports, but these days they are more likely to be Playboy Playmates or bikini models. Manofest thinks it makes perfect sense and has compiled the twenty hottest sport TV personalities of all time. [Manofest]

Tommy Lee's Topless Backstage Pass

Apparently diehard Mötley Crüe fans have to get topless to hang out with Tommy Lee. Tommy has set an official rule that anyone entering his dressing room after live gigs must remove an item of clothing first. “You must remove one article of clothing - your pants, your top - or else you are not allowed in my dressing room.” “That gets the f***ing party started so quick. Everyone's walking around topless.” Classy. [The Sun]

Insane Clown Posse Sued After Fan Is Struck By Bottle

An Insane Clown Posse fan is taking legal action against the Detroit duo after he was injured at one of their live shows. John Antonelli alleges he suffered a fracture to a bone near his right eye after he was struck by an unopened bottle of soda flung into the audience by Joseph Bruce (a.k.a. Violent J) at a concert in North Dakota in June 2007.  Juggalos unite! [CHARTattack]

Ninja Training Hits the Web

Rather than release a trailer or teaser for his new movie, Ninja Assassin, James McTeigue has let loose a behind-the-scenes ninja training video on the web. In it we see the actor Rain (I believe that is his full name) practicing for the film, taking on multiple opponents at once – sometimes with only one sword, sometimes with two. Needless to say, this is awesome. These guys pull some seriously incredible fighting stunts. Ninja Assassin is about Raizo (played by…Rain), who, having been raised by the Ozunu Clan since he was a kid, seeks vengeance against the very group that brought him up after they murder his friend. Maybe you weren’t pumped about this movie. Watch this fight choreography video: you will be. [/film]

Lose Your Job, Return Your Hyundai!


What's the first thing you should do if you suddenly find yourself unemployed? If you answered "get rid of your transportation" then Hyundai as an offer for you! File this one under Creative Marketing: If you finance a new Hyundai after January 3rd and lose your job, supposedly the automaker will let you return your vehicle, with no further financial obligation, and no damage to your credit. And rollerblading to job interviews is way more progressive anyway. An intriguing offer to be sure, but definitely one to scour the fine print on. [Hyundai]

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