SEALs vs Spetsnaz

August 17, 2010

SEALS --- C-4 Explosive, M4 Colt Commando, Sig Sauer P226, Recon 1 Knife.

SPETSNAZ --- RGD-5 Grenade, AK-74 Carbine, Makarov Pistol, Ballistic Knife.

EDGE --- RGD-5 for more lethality up to 40 feet +. M4 for accuracy and more rounds each magazine. Sig Sauer for more rounds. Ballistic Knife for ability to become a projectile.

Five Spetsnaz are on a street and seperate. Two go into two different alleys. One of them sneak up behind a door, about to throw an RGD-5. Before he does, a SEAL runs out and goes into close counter combat. The Spet throws a powerful punch but was countered by a recon. It hits the enemy in the heart fifteen times, killing him instantly with over kill. SEALS = 5. SPETSNAZ = 4.

The recon SEAL turns a corner but a Makarov bullet shoots him in the head. He walks across the street, walking over a manhole cover. It explodes, sending the Russian man sky high and killed. A SEAL climbs out of the sewer, holding an M4 Colt Commando. He runs to a second alley, AK-74 bullets coming at him. They miss, giving the SEAL a chance to shoot back. The Spetsnaz soldier does barrel rolls to dodge and hides behind a dumpster only ten feet away. The SEAL is ready to shoot but instead, a knife flies at him, hitting him in the neck. SE = 3. SP = 3.

The ballistic knife Spetsnaz pulls out his 74 again and enters a building. He is shot down by four bullets and dies. The SEAL runs to the other side of the building but a ballistic knife gashes the arm he pulls out a recon but sneaks attack him with an unexpected Sig Sauer. It hits him in the heart and the nose: both immediate kill shots. SE = 3. SP = 1.

The last Spetsnaz souldier shoots three rounds into the SEAL with his 74. He dies from the shots. He sees silouttes coming for him and throws an RGD-5. The one in front of it runs a good 60 feet but the other SEAL didn't have a chance. One dies, one survived. The last SEAL sneaks behind a wall and shoots at his enemy. Two missed, one gashes. The Spetsnaz shoots his last bullet which knocks the gun out of his hand. Now that both are disarmed, the SEAL tackles the Spetsnaz and both are in a fight. The SEAL grabs him, pushes him into the ground, and delivers a perfect kill punch to the forehead. SE = 1. SP = 0.

SEALS --- 594.

C-4 --- 91.

M4 Colt Commando --- 214.

Sig Sauer P226 --- 172.

Recon 1 --- 117.

SPETSNAZ --- 406.

RGD-5 --- 68.

AK-74 Carbine --- 191.

Makarov --- 92.

Ballistic Knife --- 53.