Ton And Allen Get Fired Up In This Windy City Episode Seven Roundup

May 13, 2011
The Auction Hunters wrapped up their stay in Chicago this week, and as cold as it was, Ton and Allen were just starting to fall in love with the place. Of course, they have been doing pretty well for themselves. This episode proved to be a true Chicago history lesson for the guys, but who said that learning can't be lucrative? All-new episodes air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.


In a city that breeds tough guys, Ton and Allen were in for the fight of their auction hunting careers this week. With eight units up for bid, it was definitely going to be an adventure. Oh, and with the temperature a brisk 10 degrees, you may have noticed that Ton doesn't wear a coat on his way into the auction. Sometimes you just need to show the other bidders just how tough you are!

Ornate Coffin
Sold For: $1,500

When the guys found a coffin in their unit, things certainly got real. The only way you can be forced to forfeit a unit after winning it at auction is if there are drugs, illegal firearms, or a dead body inside, but losing the unit was the last thing on Ton and Allen's minds. They were more worried what they'd find inside! Luckily for them, the casket proved to be empty. Not so lucky was the fact that while serving as a "show" burial casket, the coffin likely held thousands of bodies of the years. Eerie. Dated from the late 1800s, the casket still have value. Once again, sometimes things are worth more dead than alive.

Firehouse Antiques
Sold For: $5,800

Fire grenades, axes, and helmets. Ton and Allen found a treasure trove of antique fire equipment this week. Coming from a city that nearly burned to the ground 140 years ago, these items proved to have more historical (and, in turn, financial) value than either of the guys could ever have hoped for. With most of the equipment proving to be parade equipment and not actual fire gear, they were in better shape than you could hope for and were derived from the most historic volunteer fire company in America, The Rainbow Volunteer Company. One fire-killing grenade launch later, the Hunters made out with their biggest sale in weeks.

The Facebook head-to-head proved to be a big of a no-brainer as we put these two big ticket items up against one another. Clearly our fans were on top of their game and chose the firehouse antiques as the winner. With it out-paying the coffin by a four to one margin, Chicago history came out on top.

What a winner of a week it was for Ton and Allen. They only spent $1,000 on their units, but sold off the coffin, the antiques and some smaller items for a whopping $8,100, allowing them to grab a highly notable $7,100 for their final take-home.Their trip to Chicago may have ended but you can always re-watch Ton and Allen's "Windy City" adventures right here at and all-new episodes of Auction Hunters air on Spike every Tuesday at 10PM/9c. Keep an eye on Facebook for the latest news and updates, and remember each week you can head over to eBay and bid on items found by the Hunters for a good cause. New items are posted each Tuesday.