Aubrey O'Day's Ass is Back by Popular Demand

October 6, 2009

Aubrey O’Day continues to hit back at those who criticize her and her body. How does she do it? She posts pictures of her ass in a thong on Twitter.

Aubrey O’Day is currently starring in Peepshow, a Las Vegas burlesque show. The former Danity Kane singer flashes her breasts, dances about and sings some songs. Last week the 25-year-old became horrendously upset after topless photos of her performing were leaked online. She lashed out at critics, such as Perez Hilton, who labeled her fat and in need of retouching.

So what did Aubrey do? She hit back. First she posted a video rant about being a feminist and criticizing people who judge others solely on their looks. Now she’s posted photographs of her ass in a fishnet stocks and a thong on Twitter.

The latest ass shot is accompanied with the caption, “By POPULAR request... Tweets, welcome to my fishnets! Love/Hate: suck me in, wear me out!”

The girl knows how to keep it classy and get attention!


Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images