Natasha Wicks With Fellow BSN Models

March 8, 2010


Natasha Wicks and the other BSN Fitness Models

Natasha Wicks only served a brief stint as a UFC Octagon Girl.  But, who could forget this stunning beauty?  FightLaunch was there to see her win the Maxim UFC Octagon Girl search and turn into an instant celebrity.  Though it was short lived, her exposure through the UFC has landed her countless modeling opportunities.  But, we have to admit, it was weird seeing her model for BSN when the UFC booth was only thirty feet away.  We're sure she probably felt a little awkward too.  But, she's still cutting it as a model.  So, kudos to her!

Natasha showed us some love by posing with her fellow BSN Models at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio leading up with WEC 47.  You can check out Natasha Wicks MMA videos and pics on her profile.