Man Attacked by Wife, Three Lovers, and Krazy Glue

August 3, 2009

A group of vengeful women has attacked a man after discovering he was cheating on all of them. They lured the Wisconsin man to a hotel, assaulted him, and did something unspeakable involving Krazy Glue.

Therese Ziemann, a 48-year-old Wisconsin woman, invited the unidentified man to a motel, promised him a massage, but instead tied him naked to the bed. She then sent text message to Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell, and the man’s wife  Tracy. The women had recently discovered that the unidentified man was having relations with each of them at the same time and wanted payback.

It's being reported that Ziemann and the women repeatedly punched the man in the face, held a gun to his head, and then glued his penis to his stomach using Krazy Glue. These girls were serious!

The four women have been charged with being party to false imprisonment. Zieman has also been charged with fourth-degree sexual assault. The women are free on $200 cash bail.

It’s unknown whether the man’s member has been freed.

Source: Joos Mind/Stone/Getty Images

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