Kanye West Rerecords "Love Lockdown"

September 16, 2008

After debuting his heartfelt digital tune “Love Lockdown” at the VMAs last week, Kanye West has revealed on his blog that he’s already finished a second version of the song that’s closer to the one he debuted at the awards show. Hot damn!

“Your prayers have been answered!! There’s a new version of ‘Love Lockdown’ coming,” he wrote. “We used new taiko drums, and I re-sung it. … It’s being mastered now.”

Did I really pray for that last night? Whatevers. Kanye even addressed all of the anti-Auto-Tune cats out there...

“If you don’t like Auto-Tune, too bad, ’cause I love it and have been using it since The College Dropout!!!

I know this man has been releasing a ridiculous amount of amazing work in the past few years, but I really think Ye needs to take a serious vacation. He's been popping up all over the place of late and seems to be a little nuttier than usual. Staying in jail a few extra days may not have been such a bad idea.