Mantenna - Monday, October 27

October 27, 2008

We've got a big one for you today.  Zombies, and nipples, and creampie pranks, oh my!  It's almost Halloween, and we're feeling wily and mischevious (drunk). Is that Bono canoodling with 19-year olds in St. Tropez? Yes, it is. Click through to get your daily dose of the Mantenna.  

Woman Wants Love, Willing to Pay for it During Super Bowl


A single career woman is taking desperate measures to find love, and she wants your help. Amy Borkowsky, an ad exec, stand-up comedian, Mensa member and Price is Right winner is using the internet to raise money so she can buy a Super Bowl commercial to advertise herself and find Mr. Right. Amy, who is aged “somewhere between Sex and the City’s Carrie and Samantha” needs to raise $3 million to air the commercial. She believes that dating is a numbers game and if she puts herself in front of a captive audience of 60 million men, then she might have a better chance of finding a husband. Her ideal man would have a “big brain, a good heart and a really annoying mother.” So far she has raised a little over $2,000. Good luck Amy, you’ll need it. [Super Bowl Single Girl]

Fix it or Ditch it? A Car Owner's Guide to Rebuilding Parts

We live in a throwaway society. A generation ago, if your starter motor, brakes or even engine be-came tired and worn out, the local mechanic would remove the offending part and fix it. 

Times change. Most mechanics today find it more economical to simply swap in a new or rebuilt part for a faulty one. The parts are readily available at local warehouse distributors, and the prices are reasonable. This practice means they can get your car back into service sooner, and the cost to the consumer is the same or even less. The remanufactured-parts business has boomed. And economies of scale mean these parts are the equal of brand-new parts, at sometimes substantially reduced cost. [Popular Mechanics]

New KISS-Themed Guitar  


Activision is releasing a new, KISS-themed guitar for Rock Band and Guitar Hero this Halloween that Gene Simmons would (maybe?) be proud of. Not only is it shaped like a deadly axe of rock, but it has dual-direction strumming and high-sensitivity buttons.  Plus, did we mention it’s a mother effing axe? [Gizmodo

The Best Gif You've Ever Seen

We loves us some Holy Taco.  Brilliant. [Holy Taco]

iPhone gets Google Earth

It’s the entire world at your fingertips!  Google Earth has finally come in application form to your iPhone.  Now, with Google’s new satellite, we’re fast approaching the day when you can look through Google’s Satellite to see yourself using Google Earth.  Maybe you could take a screenshot, even, and make one of those infinitely receding pictures. If you were as high as we are right now, that would male your brain.  [Wired]

America's Next Zombie Model

Bono’s Wife Is Gonna Be Pissed


U2 frontman Bono recently took some time off from saving planet earth to party down in the South of France with two 19-year-olds. He also took a few pictures to capture the special moment. Did I mention Bono has been married for over 26 years?

In the photos, the rock icon and his homie Simon Carmody are seen enjoying some quality time with fashion student Andrea Feick and friend Hanna Emerson at a beach front bar in St. Tropez. Lucky bastards.

Feick posted the pics on her Facebook page, but insists there is nothing romantic between she and the U2 frontman. [Daily Mail]

Amy Sedaris Talks about Vaginal Cleaning

Amy Sedaris talks about vaginal cleansing in a funnier, less uncomfortable way than her brother David. Now with props!   

Traci Bingham Takes Out the Trash


It’s a slow day on the intertubz, so when an older washed-up up television personality takes out the trash in a skimpy outfit, it is big news. Yes, it is a super sad day. Traci Bingham, who you may don't remember from two seasons of Baywatch, did just that over the weekend. She took out her green trash bin and showed off her breasts, also in green. From the photos, it’s hard to determine what part is trash.

Anime Fans Rejoice…Maybe

When Ninja Scroll, a Japanese anime feature, came to the US in 1996 it soon became the biggest anime in American history. Well, now the fans of Ninja Scroll can rejoice because Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way is going to produce a live-action version of the film with Warner Brothers set to distribute. The man who wrote Watchmen, Alex Tse, is charged with the responsibility of putting a script together. Some anime fans might argue that Warner Brothers should leave good enough alone—will they really be able to improve on a classic film not twelve years old in this country? We shall see. [First Showing]

Kevin Smith and Harvey Weinstein Wrangle Over Porn


Before Kevin Smith’s new movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, had settled on a title that definitely had the word “porno” in it, Smith had to wrestle with the scourge of the indie film world: the fearsome Harvey Weinstein. He recounts this battle of filmmakers in an interview that would give the bravest of moviegoers the heebie-jeebies. [Cinematical]

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