Matt Mitrione Is Kool-Aid Krazy

October 28, 2009

Totally off subject this week, I want to talk about UFC 104 and how poor Shogun was robbed. I also want to complain about the judge who said, "Leg kicks never end fights."
I may be a moron but this guy has to be mentally challenged (for those who like to be politically correct). I have watched some fights where a guy has checked a kick and ended the fight (Corey Hill) and I have seen some devastating leg kicks that have put some of the biggest opponents down (Pat Barry).
Ok, back to this week’s episode, we start with Rashad picking Matt to fight Scott and leaving the last matchup with Mike fighting Marcus. I think this was the matchup Matt wanted because he didn't want to fight Marcus. I mean who would want to fight Marcus? He's a beast. Matt starts to spread a rumor around the house how Mike didn't want to fight Marcus, which we all found out later that was lie and Mike was pissed off, and wanted to kick Matt’s a**.
Let’s first talk about how Matt is coo-coo for Coco Puffs. He is the only guy that openly talks about the voices in his head. I found this a little weird but who’s to say who's talking to him. When he started down that road everyone in the house kinda took a step back and we thought Darrill was that killer crazy. Matt was plain crazy. Except when he drank John's juice because John ate or drank everyone's stuff, especially my Kool-Aid that I had to make every day. The only one good at replacing what they ate or drank was Brenden. In the house we were all trying to find a little respect but John wasn't giving much respect to Matt so he wanted to punch him in his face. I wish they would have showed the whole thing because we started at 60% then moved up to 100% with takedowns. That's when it got interesting. It was probably the best fight I saw so far up to the Scott and Matt fight.

Fight day we have Scott Junk fighting Matt, who you want to lose because he is fighting my boy Scott but Matt is on your team so you keep your mouth shut. First round Matt comes out with some fast punches and landed a few, but then one hits Scott in the eye and flicks his eyelid over or something. Which was pretty major since the very next punch put Scott on his butt because he couldn't see the shot because of his eye. Scott is a trooper, and a warrior. His heart is what kept him in this fight. The second round I think was a little too late for Scott because the first round was a definite 10-8 round and with only 2 rounds to fight it's hard to come back from that. If there were three rounds it might have been a different story. A lot of people weren't happy with the decision but it was the right one. I wanted Scott to win so badly but it was too late. Rampage clearly wanted it to go to three rounds but it didn't. That is why he ripped the cardboard door off the hinges.
Next week we have Big Baby (Marcus) fighting Mike Wessel. You get to see a UFC vet go at it with man I think that is a beast. Until next week……
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