Windows Phone 7 Series Details Emerge

March 15, 2010

Today at MIX10, Microsoft's developer-focused tech conference, many more details were unveiled about MS' newest Zune-like mobile operating system, including some prototypes of the devices that the mobile software will be running on.

Some the most interesting bullet points of new functionality we can expect from Windows Phone 7 series comes from third party apps - most notably the Netflix app, which allows you to stream movies directly to your handset, much the way you would to an Xbox 360 or your PC, either via 3G or WiFi connection:


We've also gotten word of a very iTunes App Store-esque application hub, dubbed Windows Phone Marketplace. Much like Apple's App Store, all official applications will be channeled through the Marketplace, and will have to meet MS' technical and content guidelines in order to make it in, again much the way Apple does things.

Also on display were some prototypes of the first devices to made to use the new OS. Keeping with the theme, they all had a very iPhone-meets-Zune vibe to them, which certainly isn't a bad thing. Samsung's device, in particular, had what appeared to be a very serious camera (for a phone anyway) mounted on the back, though the details and specs of said phone and camera are still mysteries. Regardless, the competition for the smartphone crown continues to heat up, which is only good news for tech junkies among us.


Source: Engadget