Why Do You Hate Boobs, New Jersey?

September 15, 2011

Phoenix Feeley is an activist we can get behind, mostly because she's got a point: if dudes can run around with their upper torsos naked, why not women? Yes, she's a topless activist, and believe it or not, she gets arrested quite a bit.

She's actually won a few cases. She walked down the street topless in 2005 in New York City. After she was arrested, she pointed out that, in fact, the New York Supreme Court had ruled women could go topless, showing incredible enlightment. New York wound up giving her $29,000.

But her efforts in New Jersey were...less successful. She was appealing her case to the New Jersey Supreme Court after being arrested twice in 2008, and the court ruled she had no constitutional right to not wear her top and that covering boobs is supposed to protect "the public's moral sensibilities."

Here's our first question: "moral sensibilities"? They're boobs, not dispensers of porn and beer to five-year-olds. We're not really sure what moral sensibilities are being offended, and, honestly, we don't care.

Secondly, give us a break. We all know the things perpetrated on Jersey Shore. Let the boobs run free, New Jersey: if nothing else, it'll improve the scenery.

Photo: Maria Taglienti-Molinari/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images