Mantenna - Friday, March 19

March 19, 2010

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with a Nazi, Liam Gallagher blasts U2, and science proves that hybrid drivers are generally jerkoffs...I love the smell of Mantenna in the morning!

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Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock With a Nazi

Michelle Bombshell, the chick that Jesse James cheated on his actress wife Sandra Bullock with, is apparently a big fan of the Furor. TMZ has obtained photos from last year that show Bombshell posing in Nazi attire and also have court documents from her child custody case that reveal she had white power memorabilia all over her house. Michelle even has a 'W' and 'P' tattooed on her left and right leg. White Power? [TMZ]

Anderson Cooper's Intelligence Goes Up in Smoke

Despite a closet full of expensive suits and impressive diplomas, CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper still doesn't have the intellectual fortitude to defeat a well-known pothead in an episode of celebrity Jeopardy. The elderly statesman of broadcast news was defeated by noted hemp enthusiast Cheech Marin on the popular trivia show this week, leading many to wonder why a guy paid to have all the answers couldn't defeat an aging burnout in the "dumbed down" version of Jeopardy. (For those wondering, Cooper finished with a grand total of zero dollars. [Yahoo]

Liam Gallagher Blasts U2

Photo:Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Liam Gallagher has thrown a few punches at U2 by saying he's never met a fan of the band or anyone who owns their records. Liam even accused Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam of being the only people who buy U2 records in order to get people to go to their shows. “I have never seen a U2 fan, not ever. I have never seen anyone with a U2 shirt or been around someone’s house that has a f***ing U2 record,” he stated to journalist Chris Sullivan. Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all. [Yahoo]

Brett Favre Owes His Success to Wisconsin Boredom

In a controversial interview, former Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Jerry Glanville takes complete credit for Brett Favre's legendary career. “I had to get him out of Atlanta. . . . I could not sober him up,” Glanville said. “I sent him to a city where at 9:00 at night the only thing that’s open is Chili Joes. You can get it two ways, with or without onions. And that’s what made Brett Favre make a comeback was going to a town that closed down. If I would have traded him to New York, nobody to this day would have known who Brett Favre ever was.” Hear that Packers fans, all those years of success happened because some bench boss thought your city was the most boring option available.  (Maybe something to consider pitching to upcoming free agents?) [KSC]

Sciences Proves Hybrid Drivers are Generally Jerkoffs

You might've heard the Toyota Prius referred to as the "Pious." The joke is that Prius owners feel driving a hybrid means they are holier than thou. But it's just a joke made by people who wish they could get 50 miles per gallon around town, right? If you ask Canadian psychologists Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo Zhong, they'll say that environmentally conscious types are liars, cheats, thieves and just plain mean, and they're not even talking about hybrid-driving politicians! [Sage Pub]

Google to Shut Down Chinese Operations Next Month?

Google and the Chinese government have been butting heads for some time about censoring Google's search results, and many of speculated that the outcome would be Google packing their bags and taking the next boat out of Chinatown. Well it's looking all the more likely now that an actual date has been pointed at by one of their Chinese employees. April 10th is said to be the date they'll pull out of the country, but according to the China Business News newspaper, Google will make the announcement next Monday, March 22nd. While we admire Google's (eventual) commitment to integrity, we have to wonder what the Chinese public will be saddle with in Google's absence. [Bloonberg]




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