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Top 10 Buttons Every TV Remote Needs

by DannyGallagher   August 30, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,633

5. Away Team Mute

Source: Chris Whitehead/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When your favorite team or the team you're betting your kids' college tuition money on goes on the road, the opposing team's home field can be a major distraction.

Sometimes the fans get so loud, annoying, and obnoxious, you're moved to mute the TV entirely, taking the sound of the crowd out but also the game with it. So rather than have a bunch of annoying fans ruin your sport viewing experience, new sound technology could allow you to just mute the home team with the click of a button. Now you can enjoy the game objectively without losing the sounds of the game.

4. Beer Commercial Auto-Rewind

Source: Image Source/Getty Images

Commercials are a great annoyance, especially in television, but beer commercials, for guys, are like a shining beacon in a long, dark mine chock full of feminine hygiene ads and prescription drug spots that allude to old people "doing it" with suggestive props like footballs flying through tire swings.

They feature everything that every red-blooded man wants out of life: over-the-top slapstick greatness and extremely hot women in swimsuits enjoying beer with them. Of course, it's hard to enjoy these snippets of paradise when you're zooming past all the commercials to get back to the show or running from room to room to drain the time (what you're "draining" to drain the time is none of my business). This way you can not only enjoy the hilarious shorts of dogs fighting monkeys or scantily-clad models playing volleyball without having to sit through the other commercials.

3. Cable News Mute

Source: Ian McKinnell/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

The modern concept of cable news networks "giving the people what they want" has turned the "news" channels into the Screaming Head Networks. Instead of news, they mostly feature people screaming at each other to catch people's attention as they flip past them.

This function could just cut out any chance that you'll be interested in what the latest angry white guy on your TV is mad about by muting them entirely, assuming that the Channel Skipper isn't available already. Now you can channel surf in safety and comfort knowing that you won't accidentally be informed about something that may or may not be the whole story.

2. "Shake Weight" Slo-Mo

Source: Fitness IQ, LLC.

The Shake Weight ads featuring seductive workout models "operating" the arm-strengthening device have become a hot commodity in any man's television viewing portfolio. So now your TV can slow the commercials down when they air, giving you ample time to enjoy them while you, well, do whatever you do when you watch these ads. And if you're one of the few people who think this feature would be great because it will give you time to write down the number to buy your own Shake Weight, then you're really missing the point.

1. Extended On/Off

Source: Chris Stein/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Television is great and all, but it can be a major time waster. It's easier to let TV take you away from the real world for a little while instead of having to do such spirit-killing necessities as paying bills, finishing work, or talking to other human beings.

So it would be great if once in a while, we could turn the TV off and keep it off no matter how hard it is to resist the urge. It would not only be a great way to eliminate a distraction when our favorite shows aren't on, but we also wouldn't have to void the TV's warranty in order to do it.