NFL Star Who Left Pregnant Wife for College Intern Unsure Why Fans Don't Like Him Anymore

October 11, 2010

Former NFL running back Tiki Barber was booed by New York Giants fans when his jersey was inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor earlier this year. He doesn’t know why it happened, but he's pretty sure the cold reception had nothing to do with leaving his wife – while she was eight months pregnant – in order to publicly date his intern.

“I think it [the booing] stems from how I left the New York Giants. I retired at the top of my career. A lot of people didn’t want me to leave because of how effective I had become as a player, and I went directly into the broadcast booth,” he said on HBO’s Inside the NFL.

Yes, the guy who bailed on his pregnant wife because hiding an affair with a 23-year-old college girl (pictured above) was becoming kind of inconvenient believes that abruptly robbing Giants’ fans of his greatness is the reason they now dislike him.

Barber also theorized that perhaps a calculated refusal to let his team get in the way of a future broadcasting career might have played a role.

“I never wanted to compromise myself as a broadcaster by being overly friendly to the organization I played for,” he said.

Good call. Had he not distanced himself from the team (he was paid to be a part of), Barber would have never been hired by NBC, where he would inevitably meet the girl who inspired him to abandon his pregnant wife and two children.

Photo: Rob Loud/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images