Teachers Gone Wild

May 9, 2008


Two teachers, on different sides of the world have beenfired for appearing in racy photos spreads.

Connecticut second-grade teacher Marie Jarry is out of a jobafter winning Howard Stern’s “Ugliest Guy, Hottest Wife” contest. The controversy erupted after Marie appeared in a bikini in some sexy shots on Howard Stern’swebsite. The school’s Superintendent, Joseph Erardi Jr. said she was given theboot because he was “upset that she missed work to appear on the show”. He told theAssociated Press: "It's certainly my expectation that all staff, unlessthey're sick, are at work doing their assigned task," This is a similar excuse given to a Florida teacher who worked part time on a fishing boat as a “bikini mate”.

On the other side of the world, Australian elementary schoolteacher Lynne Tziolas received her pink slip after appearing nude with herhusband in a woman’s magazine.  Lynnesays: "The first thing I knew was on Friday morning when a parentcomplained, and come Friday afternoon I was told not come back to theschool". She received a letter from the school saying:

I refer to an article in the magazine Cleo in which yourphotograph appears accompanied by an article about your personal life. Concernshave been raised by community members in relation to this article. I haveconcerns that this will seriously impact on your continued employment at Narraweena Public School.

The nude photo accompanied an article about the couple’s sex life, whattheir favorite body part was and the most risqué sexual thing they’d done.  According to Lynne’s husband, the most risqué thingthey’ve done is do it "leaving the blinds up and the lights on, which isall the time."

Lynne says she has no regrets over the scandal and would do it all again,saying “We were honest. Yes, we're both teachers. Yes, we have sex, and yes, weare loving and committed to each other.” No word on whether the husband wasfired as well. Lynne is planning on suing the school for reinstatement.

It makes you wonder - What’s going on with the world’s teachers?

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