Doughnuts and Robots at The Ultimate Finale Weigh-in

June 19, 2009

Most people mark the official start to their weekend when they leave work on Friday. For me, I've been hanging out by the pool at the Palms in Vegas all week getting ready for The Ultimate Finale live on Spike Saturday night at 9, so that doesn't really work. Nope, for me, the weigh-in is my sign, and here we are -fight weekend has officially started.The biggest news -Diego Sanchez looked like he might eat someone when fans started chanting for Clay Guida. That dude has an ice-cold stare. Also, he might be a robot. His already-chiseled cheek bones seemed even more exaggerated on account, I assume, of extreme weight loss; enough so that I am beginning to have serious doubts that he's a human.

So I'm still trying to figure out this cyborg thing but I do have one solid conclusion: Diego Sanchez is scary.

I have to admit I wasn't super pumped about the Sanchez/Guida fight at first (I was looking forward to Damarques Johnson vs. James Wilks), but I got a little more excited as time went by and after seeing these two dudes at the weigh-in I think it's really going to be a great fight. Guida was just about going nuts, freakin everybody out backstage as he jumped all around like a maniac and looking a little bit like Axel Rose (the dreadlock Axel Rose). The guy has a lot of energy and he knows how to put on a show; it's a matchup that causes some interesting problems for Sanchez, so we'll see how he handles Guida's relentless attack and awkward style.

In other weigh-in news, Mike Ciesnolevicz came in overweight; three pounds to be exact, also known as 20 percent of one's salary. I suppose you can't blame him, though, we did just pass National Doughnut Day.

I was also excited to see Ben Rothwell, who is cornering Mike C. I've known Ben for years, but haven't seen him in a while so I thought it would be cool catch up a bit. When I said "Hi" he had no idea who I was, so, you know, that was cool.

Now it's time for a little gambling, so I'm out. Check back for updates and catch my live blog of the undercard and main event tomorrow night.

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