FarCry 2 - Nice but not nice enough!

January 10, 2011

FarCry 2 boasts with a banked scenario that offers a welcome change from the repetitive scenes of other shooters. The free-roaming and varied world of the Dunia engine set an appealing manner. The day and night cycle and the changing weather emphasize the realism claim.

The character is in a violent conflict between dislikeable civil war parties and external factors (arms dealers, mercenaries and co. Drawn), the background for a variety of missions. Together with the long journey and countless shootings outside of the plot, the game is for an actual shooter very long.

Suffering from the perspective of the game mechanics here are the benefits of FarCry 2.

The artificial intelligence of the enemy does not reach the level of name-related FarCry 1 even though elapsed between the publication of the title years. Annoying misfire in combat make the awkward animated opponents stumble into the sight of the player. Flanking, seeking for cover or other tactical decisions remain the exception. Their inability to be concealed by an unrealistic but stamina accuracy and range, so the game is not too easy.

Unlike the PC version you record only in unlockable safe-houses, the one after the reload again only in the long tedious random battles disputes and spends his time behind the wheel: For the very long journey between the missions will be accessible again fired at checkpoints that had been cleaned up x-times before. This is where the membership of one or the other faction does not matter. 300m distance or 5 minutes later, the checkpoints are re-occupied.

The captured weapons worked with no problems while the enemy used them, but they strike after a few moments when the player uses them. While the MPs, pistols and co. are giving visual feedback.
The Inventory has fixed seats for certain arms, which limits strongly. Why can not dispense with a rocket launcher, and instead take the assault rifle and a sniper rifle?

In the highly competitive country there has been a central city but not civilians, who would breathe life into the city. No agriculture, no villages, no clash between the groups. The world has no substance beyond the battles and emptyness. The various biographies that you may choose to leave early at the end but a featureless screen for the player.

For me, the presentation of the jungle in this game is so far managed to consoles the most convincing. With so many great freedom of movement it is normal, that the quality of the details do not come even close to titles such as Call Of Duty 4. The sound design is also perfectly on average, with good synchronization. The physical effects of explosions or the drive with the appropriate diversified fleet are also good. An often highlight that fits in well with the gameplay is the fire that makes some interesting approaches to attack opponents.

In sum, FarCry 2 makes many things right, but annoyed me more than it entertained me on a rainy weekend. The constant repetition and the sometimes inconsistent implementation left me with the impression that the game was released too early, so as not to drown in the strong competition of fall of 2008.