December 3, 2008

Round 1, Bader/Eliot:

Eliot is clearly not afraid of Bader's hands, but Bader lands a solid right, early. Eliot answers with some mean looking kicks. Bader tags Eliot cleanly with another hard right. Eliot puts together a nice hand/foot combo but fails to make contact. Bader scores a takedown. Eliot tries for various submissions, but Bader is in control and won't allow it. In fact, he's not allowing much of anything for the rest of the round.

Round 2:

Eliot opens with another combo and connects with nice body kick. Bader catches another attempt at a head kick and scores a takedown. Eliot again is looking for submissions, but Bader is dictating what happens here: nothing. Bader finally lands an elbow, then Eliot goes for a triangle, but Bader slams him and escapes. Referee Josh Rosenthal stands them up. Bader promptly scores a double-leg takedown and holds him as he rides out the clock.
A nice close up of Arianny's boobs.

Round 3:

This time it's Eliot going for the takedown, but Bader counters and scores one of his own. Marshall continues to look for submission, but there just isn't anything he can do. He nearly sinks in a leg lock, but no luck. Rosenthal breaks them again. Bader takes it back to the mat. His game plan is clear. Eliot almost locks in a kimura. Rosenthal stands them up again. Bader ducks a head kick and spears Marshall for another takedown. With less than a minute left, Eliot knows he's about to lose and, frustrated, is trying anything but nothing of substance and to no avail.

Bader wins a unanimous decision.


Round 1:

In the typical Nover style that we've gotten used to, he comes out firing relentlessly. He overwhelms Roop and bowls him over. Roop reverses and lands on top of Nover. It's tough to see what's happening but Nover has a joint lock in place and he's trying to secure it. Some space opens up between them and we can see it's a kimura. Roop fights it off but not for long, Nover cranks it and Roop taps at 3:20.