First Class Flying

by Robbie E   January 16, 2013 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 1,320

What's up, bro? As I plan to head over to the UK this week for IMPACT WRESTLING live in Manchester and London, I wanna talk about the plane ride, bro. It's eight hours from Jersey. What does Robbie E do in first class for 8 hours, bro? Well, these are my must-do plane habits, bro. OH!

5. Pee - I always gotta pee before I get on the plane, bro. I don't know why, but I always do. It's in my head, bro. I usually make Bigger Rob come with me into the mens room too, bro.

4. Sweats - I must fly comfortable. I hate being in jeans or dress attire, bro. Sweat suits are what's up, bro. Hoodies, bro.

3. Window Seat - When I'm in first class I always gotta lean my head against a window for some reason. I don't like the aisle either, cause when I'm sleeping some hamster always has to climb over me to go somewhere, bro. So annoying.

2 - Blankie - I gotta always travel with my blankie, bro. It keeps me all snuggled up and helps me nap. I had it since I was a little Robbie E... and I'll always have it, bro.

1 - Coldness - Robbie E sweats a lot. I'm always hot but I love it cold. So I always need those air vents blowing on me, bro. Nothing beats a good blow.

Until next week... OH... I'm off to the UK, bro. And you ain't on the list.

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