Viet Cong vs. Medellin Cartel

November 18, 2010

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Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 4: Viet Cong vs. Medellin Cartel

The Viet Cong; the rag-tag guerilla force that took the American military head on, and one the Vietnam War.
(We see a group of Viet Cong setting up booby-traps).

The Medellin Cartel; Colombia's killer drug lords who built the world's largest cocaine empires.
(We see a group of cartel hit-men guarding a stash of cocaine).

To find out, our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe. No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death, to decide who is....THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Viet Cong:
Reign of Terror: 1954 - 1976
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120 LBS
Allegiance: Ho Chi Minh

Medellin Cartel:
Reign Of Terror: 1975 - 1993
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 175 LBS
Crimes: Cocaine Trafficking

Narrator: Here in the Fight Club, we take four weapons used by the Colombia's Drug Lords:

M60 Machine Gun
Mini Uzi
Car Bomb

Narrator: and pit them against weapons used by the guerilla force
of Vietnam:

Tokarev-TT33 Pistol
Punji Stakes
POMZ-2 & F-1 Grenade

Narrator: First the two will put their warriors long range weapons to the test: The Cartel's M60 Machine Gun, and the Viet Cong's MAT-49N.

Fred went first, adjusting the M60 into position. On the testers signal he began to shoot at the moving target dummies. The test was going fine for him until the gun jammed. It took Fred a couple of seconds, but he got it to work again. Then it looked like the test was fine, and he was certainly able to hit the targets, then his gun jammed again. That was when the testers called a halt to the test.

Dr. Dorian: Even a signal jam in a fight is considered a catastrophic failure. To have two in a single test, is terrible.

Next was Bob easily holding the MAT-49N. When his test began, he started shooting at the targets. He was able to hit all of his targets, even getting a couple of instant kills. And never once did his gun jam.

Dr. Dorian: The gun did the job, it hit the targets quickly and lethally, and it didn't jam. No contest, I give my edge to the MAT

Edge: Viet Cong

Narrator: Next, the two teams will test out their mid range weaponry: The Viet Cong's Tokarev-TT33 Pistol, and the Medellin Cartel's Mini Uzi.

Bob went first this time loading his pistol he surveyed the target range. Five targets, one clip. Taking aim, he opened fire. One by one he hit the targets in the head, stomach, throat, etc. Until finally, after fifteen seconds, he'd finished.

Dr. Dorian: This was impressive, not only because of the time, but also because of the amazing accuracy.

Next was Fred, who was seated on the back of a motorcycle. His job was to shoot at the target in the car that the motorcycle would pull up to. The vehicle came to a stop and Fred let a rip. Bullets tore into the car, shattering the windows and ripping holes in the bodies. Soon, it was all over.

Dr. Dorian: This is a bloodbath. The weapon is automatic, and the way its used, you don't need to be accurate, just point and shot. Also, a larger ammo capacity gives it another advantage. For those reasons, I've got to give it to the uzi on this one.

Edge: Medellin Cartel

Narrator: Now it's time for our two teams to compare their close range weaponry: The Medellin Cartel's Machete, and the Viet Cong's Punji Stakes.

Fred took a few practice swings with his machete. Then he faced the dummy. His first swing took off the dummy's arm. The next one nearly decapitated the dummy. Finally he stabbed the blade through the dummy's chest, and was rewarded with the blade coming out the back.

Dr. Dorian: This is a wickedly sharp weapon. There's not much to say about it other then that. It's versatile, and very deadly.

Next came Bob, who was setting up two different punji stake traps: the pit fall, and the falling spike ball. When the traps were set up, he set off the first one. The dummy fell into the hole, the spikes punctured various points on his chest. Definitely an instant kill. The next one caused a large mud ball, riddled with spikes to swing toward a dummy. The ball knocked the dummy backwards onto the ground. The force also caused the skull to crack when it hit the ground. There were some wounds on the chest, but it was hards to tell by the placement if that would kill.

Dr. Dorian: These traps are very impressive. The pit fall is very innovative. There is little to no defense against it. Considering what these spikes are covered in, even if, by some miracle, you do live, you're very likely to get an infection and die anyway. As for the falling stone trap, that's also hard to avoid, even if the spikes don't kill you, the being laid flat on your ass part, where you split your skull, will. So, because these are much harder to defend against, I give the advantage to the punji stakes.

Edge: Viet Cong

Narrator: Finally, the two teams will test out their explosive weapons: The Viet Cong's POMZ-2 & F-1 Grenade and the Medellin Cartel's Car Bomb.

Bob was again setting up his booby-trap grenade. The device was operated via tripwire, with a second explosive underneath, just incase the first was disarmed. Once the explosives were all rigged up, everyone got behind the blast shield. When all were secure, the explosives were detonated. The dummies nearest the device were killed, but the ones standing just out of the way, were seemed relatively fine.

Dr. Dorian: While the fact that the bomb itself is booby-trapped is devious, the effectiveness is somewhat hampered by the fact that the target has to wander into it. Also, it really only seems to effect the one triggering it, leaving others spared.

Next was Fred, rigging a car with a bomb and detonator. They were using a small amount, only forty pounds of TNT. Once they had the car surrounded by dummies, the crew retreated behind the blast walls. Then they set off the bomb. The explosion was enormous, and utterly decimated the surrounding land. When the team check the area out, they found that all the dummies had been killed. They'd either been torn apart by the blast, or killed by the shockwave.

Dr. Dorian: This weapon is truly devastating, the only problem is that it has the potential to kill allies too. It's also only somewhat mobile. Still, I think its power speaks for itself. Edge to the car bomb.

Edge: Medellin Cartel

Narrator: With all the testing complete, Max Geiger uploads the data gathered from the tests into the battle simulation, developed by Slitherine Studio, to simulate a battle to the death between these two warriors. To make sure that victory isn't snatched by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated 1000 times. Who will win in this battle of opposites? The Cartel, who seek only to spread their drug empire? Or the Viet Cong, who seek to route all intruders form their homeland?

Close Range Edge: Viet Cong's Punji Stakes

Mid Range Edge: Medellin Cartel's Mini Uzi

Long Range Edge: Viet Cong's MAT-49N

Explosive Weapon Edge: Medellin Cartel's Car Bomb

It's time to find out which warrior is truly the deadliest. Max hits the button on the computer, and suddenly the screen goes "Matrix" on us.

The fight takes place in the middle of the Vietnam jungle. There, we find that the Medellin Cartel has set up camp, hoping to expand their drug empire here in Vietnam. In the camp, the head drug lord, along with two agents are busy counting cash and checking over their product. The other two cartel members are patrolling the perimeter, looking for any signs of trouble. In the past few weeks, the Viet Cong have been resisting the Cartel in their attempts to make a base in the country.

One guard while patrolling the jungle, is ambushed by three Viet Cong fighters. He is disarmed, and pinned to the ground. The leader, begins to interrogate him, holding a pistol to his head. Unfortunately the Cartel member doesn't speak vietnamese, nor does the Cong speak spanish. The lack of any response angers the Viet Cong leader, so he prepares to shoot the Cartel, but before he can, a second Cartel bursts from the underbrush, and seeing his comrade in danger fires his M60 Machine Gun, killing the man next to the Viet Cong leader. The Cong disperse, and the Cartel tries to shoot the leader, but his gun jams, and the leader is able to shoot him in the head with his Pistol.

Viet Cong: I I I I                 Medellin Cartel: I I I I

Hearing the gunfire in the surrounding forest, the Cartel boss orders his men to investigate while he ran to their vehicle to arm himself. One of the Cartel members, walking into the high grass that surrounded the camp, was startled when he ran into an equally surprised Viet Cong. The Cong's hand went for his gun, but the Cartel was quicker. He simply raised his Mini Uzi and blasted the Cong in the chest.

Viet Cong: I I I                  Medellin Cartel: I I I I

Fleeing through the woods, the Cartel member who had been taken captive rushed through the brambles back to camp. Unfortunately, while running, he tripped over a wire. Standing up, he heard a sound coming form the trees. Fearing the worst he looked for the source, only to be hit by a Punji Sky-Ball. The ball knocked him back, and the spikes dug into his flesh. Though they didn't hit any vital spots, they did knock him back, into a Punji Stake Pit. The stakes skewered multiple parts of his body at once, killing the man instantly.

Viet Cong: I I I                    Medellin Cartel: I I I

While searching the jungle for enemies, one of the Cartel is ambushed by a Cong, and killed by the Cong's MAT-49N. When the Cong goes over to make sure he's dead, a second Cartel jumps out from behind the foliage, swinging his Machete. Before the surprised Cong can shoot, the Cartel had cut off both hands. The Cong stared at his stump in horror, while the Cartel agent ginned evilly, before thrusting his blade through the Cong's chest.

Viet Cong: I I                          Medellin Cartel: I I

That was when another Cong ran out from the foliage brandishing a pistol. The Cartel was able to duck behind a tree to avoid getting shot. When the Cong ran out of ammo, he turned and ran, the Cartel in hot pursuit. The Cong, leaped over a log, and ducked left, the Cartel right behind him. The Cartel also jumped over the log. What he didn't do was avoid stepping on a hidden Cong trip wire. When the Cartel sprung the trap, the hidden grenade blew him sky high. The Cong sighed in relief, before reloading his pistol and heading to the main camp.

Viet Cong: I I                          Medellin Cartel: I

The Cartel boss paced his camp, nervous. His men had yet to report back yet. Hearing a rustling he stepped into the shadow of his tent. He saw a Cong emerge, holding a pistol. The Cong walks into the tent, making it to the center of the tent before the Drug lord blasts him with his uzi.

Viet Cong: I                         Medellin Cartel: I

The Cartel boss went over to inspect the body. Meanwhile, the leader of the Viet Cong squad steps out from behind a tree, his MAT-49N drawn. Hearing a noise, the Cartel boss turns and sees the Cong leader. The Cong opens fire, and the drug lord tires to run, but a bullet catches him in the shoulder, causing him to fall to the ground. As he falls he lands on the edge of the table, tipping it over, causing many piles of drugs to fall on him.

Approaching cautiously, the Cong leader's eyes scan over the scene. He soon finds what he's looking for though, as he spots a some car keys. He grabs them before making his way to the Drug lords car. Looking in the back, he sees a sack of money, and another filled with cocaine. Smirking to himself the leader gets in and starts the car before driving off.

Back at the camp, the drug lord opens his eyes. Rolling over, he sees the taillights of his car fading into the distance. The drug lord gives an evil grin, and reaches into his coat pocket. From there he extracts a small device, with a transmitter and a small button. Judging the Cong leader to be a safe distance from him, the Cartel leader hits the button.

Back with the Cong, a small device attached to the bottom of the stolen car flashes briefly, before detonating with a tremendous explosion, killing the last Viet Cong.

Viet Cong: 0                         Medellin Cartel: I

Winner: Medellin Cartel

Medellin Cartel: 546

Mini Uzi: 205

Car Bomb: 157

M60 Machine Gun: 113

Machete: 71

Viet Cong: 454

MAT-49N: 195

Punji Stakes: 101

POMZ-2 & F-1 Grenade: 98

Tokarev-TT33 Pistol: 60

Narrator: In this spectacular battle, it was the malicious Medellin Cartel that snatched up victory, with three of their four weapons managing triple digit kills. The Viet Cong didn't fare too poorly either. Their greatest weapon was the MAT-49N machine gun.

Dr. Dorian: I'll admit, I am somewhat surprised the Viet Cong lost this fight. I thought that their traps and ingenuity would carry them through. But I guess it just couldn't overcome the Cartel's ferocious equipment.

We see the Cartel lord back at his camp, his wound bandaged. It was painful, but he would live; though he couldn't say the same for his foe. He'd radioed for backup, and soon more of his men would arrive. The drug lord took another puff on his cigar, before throwing his head back and laughing like a mad man.

The End.