Artist Builds a Luxury a Dumpster

September 8, 2011

Human beings can turn pretty much anything into a home. People literally turn dung into bricks and build houses out of them. But Greg Kloehn has managed to top them all.

Greg wanted to build a conceptual art piece that deconstructed what a house actually was and explored “living in a dumpster.” Could a dumpster made habitable? Could a dumpster in fact be turned into a piece of desirable real estate? The answer is, weirdly, yes.

It's tiny, but it's a fully appointed home: it has running water, electricity, a place to sleep, an (indoor) toilet, some storage space, windows, and Greg even put in hardwood floors. The only downside is that the shower is located outside.

Okay, so it's a little cramped, but in Manhattan, an apartment that size would go for $2,000 a month, especially with the hardwood, and you'd be lucky to find it. Forget conceptual art, Greg's got a whole new gig: making apartments for Manhattan yuppies. Somebody give this guy a storage container!

Source: podshowdk/YouTube/Gregory Kloehn