Nicolas Cage Bags a Bunny

September 8, 2009

Nicolas Cage is spending a lot of time in Louisiana these days -- he seems to be the go-to man for revenge movies. And now he's signed onto the thriller Hungry Rabbit Jumps which, despite its title, is not an adaptation of a children's novel.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us this about the story:

The Robert Tannen-written script, which Endgame picked up last year, centers on a man whose wife is the victim of a brutal crime. He subsequently becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization.

Which sounds exactly like another film Cage is starring in, the 3D action movie Drive Angry. And a zillion other revenge movies.

The relatively unknown director Roger Donaldson is going to helm the picture, while Tobey Maguire's shingle, Maguire Entertainment, is teaming up with Endgame to produce. Production will begin in January in New Orleans, which is fast becoming a second home to Cage. He made Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans in Louisiana and will also shoot Drive Angry in the state.

Are any of Cage's forthcoming movies exciting to you? Keep in mind he also co-stars in Bad Ass which seems to have everything in its favor to become the next big independent movie.