Samurai vs. Ninja

January 30, 2011









Mid: Kusarigama


Specail: Black Eggs (Bad ass Omelette)


Katana vs. Ninjato: Ninjato! The same amount of slashing power and design here, but the shorter and quicker sword gets it here.

Naginata vs. Kusarigama: Kusarigama! The range and design of the ball and chain plus the killer kama gets the edge here.

Yumi vs. Shuriken: Yumi! Power, range, and even speed gives this bow the advantage. Plus the stars can't get pass Sam's armour.

Kanabo vs. Black Eggs: Kanabo! The slow but technical club will split your head open. The Eggs can't only blind you, and if you're fast enough, you can block it.


A lone samurai walks along a stream. He has heard one of his fellow warriors was slain by a strange bronze man. A ninja also walks through the tree tops a few dozen yards away. he has also heard of one of his fellow ninjas being slain by the same bronze man. The ninja spies the samurai. In the light, his armour appears to be almost golden. The ninja believes this was the killer of his comrade.

The ninja takes a spot and readies a shuriken. He throws the metal star at the eastern knight, only hitting him on the helment. The samurai turns around and spies the foolish ninja. He is quick on the bow, and fires an arrow in under three seconds. The bolt misses the ninja by an inch. The black clad sip jumps down from the tree. He throws more shurikens, but they all miss.

The samurai charges with his halberd (not a typo). He is surprised when a giant metal ball fly straight at his face. The ball is able to break his face mask, but not his face. Bloodly lip, he countines. The metal then wraps around the guard of the naginata, but Sam here is well trained in anti-ninja tactics. He rips the kusarigama away. The ninja, out of range, grapes his black eggs and let the glass do their magic.

The samurai had studied this weapon for years. He blocks the blinding dust with his arm. As he looks back down to the ninja, he was shocked when he saw he disappeared. Only fooled for a moment, he turned around and saw the ninja grabing his kama. he rushed his opponent.

The ninja, surprised for a change, rose his chain up to the long blade. This aloud him to use the kama as a single weapon. He quickly locked the naginata with the blade and and handle of his sickle. The polearm went flying. "S*it!" the samurai yelled. He drew his sword to change the ninja.

The ninja, still clever, slashed the legs of the samurai. His leggings manage to protect him however. The two clashed sword on sword. The two Japanese legends fought. Not only for vengeance, but for the right of being the super Japanese warrior. The ninja retreated, running up to a tree. he ran up the body and attempted to back flip off it and land behind the samurai. The samurai kept running and jump agasint the tree to propel himself at the ninja. He slashed. he landed.

The torso of the ninja was gutted like a fish. he coughed up blood and then died. The samurai limped over to his fallen halberd. He counted to walk the riverside.

"Well now history will know who was the deadliest Japanese war-"


The Samurai fell. Thought he beat the ninja, the Yakuza hitmen who just shot him still felt they had that division covered.


Who/What/Where/How: Close as hell, the range and power of all the samurais weapons overcame the tricky ninja.


Katana: This long sword was able to quickly slash the ninja to death 165 times.

Naginata: The sword on a pole basically was able to keep the ninja at bay and and scalp him around 200 times.

Yumi: Thought powerful, the yummy was to slow to hit the quick ninja, getting around 100 kills.

Kanabo: The slow club only grabbed a chrushing 50 kills.



Ninjato: The quick sword got pass the armour of the samurai more then 170 times.

Kusirgama: This killer combo kept the samurai at range, tripped, bashed, strangled, wrecked, chopped, slashed, stabbed, and hacked him to death over 300 times.

Shuriken: The fast stars only got 15 luckily neck shots.

Black Eggs: Thought this distraction helped a lot to the use of the ninjato, they themselves couldn't get a single kill in the fight. Given a few hour of bleeding, infections, inhaling of glass, this 'eye closer' may pick up a few then.

The Kan.