Mantenna - Thursday, January 29

January 29, 2009

FHM puts together a robust guide to Mexican women, a bunch of cars crash into buildings, and the 80 greatest photos of celebrities before they were's the Mantenna!

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Blondes Say the Darndest Things

Blondes are generally not the sharpest tools in the shed. They are often known for their beauty, rather than their brains. British newspaper The Sun has complied a list of  the top 50 dumb blonde quotes. This is why blondes are more fun. [The Sun]

Guide to Mexican Women

If you fancy going south of the border and meeting some sexy Mexicans chicas, then you need to know what Mexican women want. FHM has broken it down as part of their World of Women series. Find out where to wine, dine and what to say to your new lady friend. Also feast your eyes on Amanda Rosa’s sexy pictorial spread. These photos will make you want to pack your bags and head south. [FHM]

Before They Were Famous

Everyone loves celebrities, but what's really great is when you catch a glimpse of what a celebrity looked like before they were famous. The good folks at Manofest have put together the ultimate collection of celebs before they hit the big time and what you get is sometimes a little surprising. [Manofest]

The Sklar Bros. Explain the Super Bowl

Fraternal comedy duo the Sklar brothers know what the Super Bowl is all about.  Surprise!  It’s only marginally related to the sport of American football.  The Amish, celebrity train wrecks, and those lead aprons that dentists wear so that when they x-ray you they don’t shrivel their own testes – these are the ingredients in the sports/entertainment complex jambalaya that is the Super Bowl.  See for yourself! [Comedy Central]

Cars in Buildings


We knew this girl Marilee one time.  She was the hottest girl in our high school, and she was a God-awful driver.  She drove her car directly into a gas station by her house and cracked the foundation of it.  How that is even possible, we don’t know.  But, what we do know, is that it was ridiculously funny to watch such a foxy broad in so thoroughly un-foxy surroundings.  Sound good?  College Humor has a gigantic photo gallery of cars crashing into buildings. [College Humor]

Pretentious OCD Cop Gets Comeuppance

Using the magical powers of Photoshop and an IMDB template, the boys and girls at College Humor have also cobbled together the likely appearance of a “lost” episode of the Emmy-tempting television show Monk.  The best part is Tony Shalhoub’s character being half “cast member from Wings.”  Frick, Wings was awesome. [College Humor]

U2, Kid Rock, Robert Plant Added to Grammys

U2, Kid Rock, Rihanna and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have joined the performance lineup for the 51st Grammy Awards, to be held February 8th at Los Angeles' Staples Center and broadcast live on CBS. They'll join performers Kenny Chesney, Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson, Jonas Brothers, Lil Wayne, Paul McCartney (with Dave Grohl on drums), Katy Perry, Radiohead, T.I. and Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, and Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Kanye West. Whew. [Rolling Stone]

Meg White's Drum Kit Being Auctioned in Detroit

The Detroit music scene is lending a helping hand to one if its favorite sons, Jim Shaw, who has been diagnosed with cancer. A show has been arranged for Shaw on February 7th at the Magic Stick in Detroit. There’s also a chance to bid on some prized rock memorabilia at an auction in the C-Pop Gallery, with Meg White’s drum kit from “The Hardest Button To Button” video among the goodies on offer. Original photographs of the Stooges and the Misfits are also being auctioned. [MySpace]

New Shelby Mustang Variant to be Unveiled at Winter Nationals

According to the folks over at InsideLine, Carroll Shelby is preparing to unveil a new special-edition Ford Mustang next week. Rumored to be less powerful than the GT500KR, the limited-run model will make its debut as part of a benefit dinner for a new museum of the National Hot Rod Association, held during the Winternationals. Shelby will reportedly be joined at the unveiling of the new 'Stang by top-fuel drag-racing legend Don "The Snake" Prudhomme. []

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