'A House Divided' Pushes Clementine Deeper Into Season Two Of 'The Walking Dead'

March 10, 2014

The Walking Dead is a cultural phenomenon, and Robert Kirkman's post-apocalyptic tale has made running away from zombies a family friendly form of entertainment. No matter what platform or version of the story you're enjoying - the comic, the TV show, or the video game - the unfortunate end of civilization always comes with a certain level of unease. Something is always just about to go wrong. In Telltale Games' take on the franchise, Clementine's story is no different from Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Eugene, Aaron, Jesus, Ezekiel, or Daryl's: everything is going to end badly. A House Divided sees more of Clem's story unfold, as she joins up with the group from episode one, as they try and escape some unfortunate circumstances.

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games

Telltale Games continues what they started in 2012's Walking Dead episodic game. Now, two episodes deep into this second season, Telltale has turned over complete control of Clem over to the players, giving this season a completely different feel from the first. Whether it's because Clementine is a more sympathetic character than Lee, or it's just because she is being put in more precarious situations, but her character is developing in a way in which most game characters don't often have the opportunity. She's growing, physically and emotionally, in front of the camera, and in the hands of the player: that's all thanks to Telltale.

After the events of All That Remains, Clementine is officially the only remaining member of season one. As usual, your choices in the last episode dictate the gameplay in the next, and A House Divided picks up right where All That Remains left off, depending on whether you chose to go with Nick or Pete. Shortly after Clem makes it back to the safe house where the others are, players are introduced to Carver, a character that was alluded to in episode one. Clementine holds her ground during a particularly tense standoff with him, and, once the group reconvenes, they decide Carver is a real threat and, beginning their long trek north. The second half of the episode helps to develop some of the characters in the new group, reintroduces one of Clementine's former travel companions as the group finds refuge in a ski lodge, and showcases just how dangerous Carver actually is.

Episode two continues The Walking Dead's invasion onto any and every platform that’s available. The second episode of the series is already available on PCs and Macs as well as PlayStation 3s and Xboxes. If you want to get it on mobile, iOS is your only option until A House Divided is released for the PS Vita sometime later this month. Fingers are still crossed for it to come out on OUYA as planned, but there's no date set yet.

While All That Remains was a great reintroduction to Clementine, and the series, A House Divided gets into the thick of it, putting players in one tense scenario after another. Clem can't catch a break no matter what she does, however, it's becomes very quickly apparent that her experience, even as an eleven year old, have put her in high regard with the group. This episode is a perfect mix of narrative and gameplay that allows the player to feel like they are influencing the story, even though key points are going to progress no matter what. Player choice helps influence certain situations, but the end game is always going to be the same, and it's always going to be a wild ride trying to get there alive.