Vlad the Impaler vs Spartan!

July 27, 2010

Vlad the Impaler --- Kilij, Halberd, Steel Crossbow, Hand Cannon.

Spartan --- Xiphos, Spear, Javelin, Shield.

EDGE --- Kilij and Xiphos are EVEN since both will have hard time getting past the other's armor, Halberd for spear + ax + hook combo, Javelin for better results against Vlad's armor, Shield for better armor.

A Spartan troop comes across a castle surrounded by impaled victims when he see's a man covered in plated chainmail with a large shield with a dragon emblem on it. Feeling insulted, the Spartan screams "SPARTA!!!!" in Greek language.

Noticing the brass soldier, Vlad holds up his kilij and halberd. The Spartan steadies and throws his javelin at the Wallachian prince. As it hits Vlad's shield, he chops it in half with the halberd to warn the Greek soldier. He takes offense and charges, shield in front, spear behind.

Before the Spartan impales the prince, Vlad throws his shield into the spear and runs into the heavy forested area to the right. After disposing Vlad's shield, the Spartan runs after him.

After searching a few minutes the Spartan is knocked down by a projectile. Vlad tries to tear away the Spartan shield with the hook on the halberd and attempts to decapitate his foe with the kilij but is stopped with the xiphos.

The shield knocks Vlad down and the xiphos then chops a plate off Vlad's chainmail. Vlad then severs the Spartans sword hand. Quickly, he lacerates the shield arm. As the soldier screams in agony, Vlad cracks a wicked smile across his face.

As the Spartan starts dying of blood loss and impalement he whispers in Greek, "This is NOT for Sparta..."



Kilij --- 142.

Halberd --- 172.

Steel Crossbow --- 71.

Hand Cannon --- 124.


Xiphos --- 121.

Spear --- 138.

Javelin --- 68.

Shield --- 164.