Deadliest Warrior: Pirate vs Musketeers

August 11, 2010

Long range: Flintlock Pistol VS Flintlock Musket & Bayonet: Flintlock Musket and bayonet due to its use for long range and stopping power and can also be used as a stabbing Spear.

Mid range: Wheel lock pistol VS Blunderbuss: Blunderbuss due to its massive killing power and the ability to penetrate armor’s especially the Armor of the Musketeer.

Close range:  Rapier and Main Gauche VS Boarding Axe and Cutlass sword:  Boarding axe and cutlass sword due to its ability to hack and slash enemies and the higher chance of lethality.

Special weapons: Grenade VS Grenado: Draw both weapons looks the same anyways but only the name is different.


The Battle:

A Pirate ship has boarded in a lone Island; a few numbers of Pirate went down from the ship with weapons in their hands. The Pirate leader told his companion that they are here for one purpose is to find treasures and kill any enemy who stands in their way. All of them roared with glory and was ready to embark on a new treasure hunting adventure. In one area of the Island the Musketeers were roaming around as well in order to look for opponents. The Captain said keep your eyes wide open, because we don’t know who is in this Island in their French language. They all went north in order to keep searching for enemies. Without getting far away, a Musketeer saw a Pirate in the area and shot him with his Flintlock musket rifle.  The Pirate dies immediately.

His comrade saw what happened and drew his Flintlock pistol and fire; it hits the Musketeer but didn’t kill him. The Pirate drew another pistol and fires it killing a Musketeer by a head shot. He yells for his comrade and they all came yelling with their weapons. The Captain fires his own pistol and kills a Pirate on the spot. The Pirate leader shoots him with his own pistol but misses him completely. A musketeer threw a grenade and kills two pirates and injures one. The Musketeer then went to see the injured Pirate and kills him with his Bayonet musket rifle. A pirate saw him immediately and shoots him with a blunderbuss which kills him. The Pirate then leaves a lit grenado near his head and runs away. The musketeer’s head blew up to pieces as a result. Shots from both sides still continues as another Pirate point his pistol at a musketeers head and shoots him point blank. A musketeer returns the favour by impaling him with his Bayonet and fires him last musket bullet into the Pirate’s guts for evenly measures, the pirate crashes to the floor dead.

The Pirate leader fires his pistol at the Musketeer captain and his companion but to no avail as their bullets just deflects on their armor. The Captain and his three remaining companion fires their musket rifles , they were able to kill the  Pirate’s leader companions.  One Pirate was seriously injured and handed a blunderbuss to his captain and tells him to run. The leader acknowledged his Companion’s bravery  and left right away. The Injured Pirate then pulls out a Pistol and awaits his own death. When the Musketeers approach him for the kill, he was able to fire his pistol and kill a Musketeer but the Captain and his remaining allies shoots him to death.  The Captain and his companion’s then searches for the Pirate leader. The Leader on the other hand prepares his Blunderbuss for the Musketeers to arrive and kill them. When the Musketeers and the Captain found the Pirate leader, they receive a powerful shot from the blunderbuss hence forth killing another Musketeer. The Captain and his Campion then Lit a Grenade and threw it in the direction of the leader. A loud explosion has occurred but the leader wasn’t injured or killed in the spot.

The Pirate leader pulls out his last pistol and shoots the musketeer in the head; as a result he receives a gunshot wound from the captain himself. The Pirate was shot in the Arm, the bullet just grazed on his right arm. The Captain then took a comrade's Musket Bayonet rifle and charges at the Pirate leader in anger. The leader was able to draw his Cutlass and boarding Axe weapons and fights the Captain head on. The Captain manages to scar the Pirate’s face and shave a piece of his beard after a blow from the bayonet. The leader seemed frustrated and slashed the Captain’s face for even measure. The Captain manages to use the blunt rifle butt to strike the Pirate leader on the side of the head and knocks him out for a bit. The Captain uses the Bayonet rifle as a Javelin and threw it against the Pirate leader. The Leader dodges it quickly; the Captain then drew his Rapier and Main Gauche and attacks the Pirate leader with it.  Both warrior clashed with their swords in battle, The Pirate Leader moves a bit faster and swings his Axe into the Captain’s chest. The armor was dented and the captain Thrust his Main Gauche into the Pirate’s left cheek. The Pirate yells in pain once again, both warriors continued crossing their swords until the Pirate Lands his sword in the Captain’s right cheek in retribution. It didn’t bother the Captain at all he was ready to kill him anyways.

The Captain disarms the Pirate leader of his boarding axe and thrust his Main Gauche into the left fore arm of his foe. The Pirate pushes the Captain away and removes the Main Gauche from his forearm. But are evenly matched with no problems both warrior’s traded sword blows to each other again with no problems at all. The Captain swings his Rapier into the Leader’s chest and receives a huge scar because of it. The Pirate swings his Cutlass and misses. The Pirate receives a Knockout punch from his foe, sending him to the ground.  The Captain thrust his Rapier to the Pirate and misses him Completely, The Pirate Chops off the Captain’s hand in the process. The Captain yells in pain, The Pirate smirks and thrusts his own sword to the Captain’s throat.  The Pirate leader walks away wounded and returns his sword into its scabbard and resumes finding the lost treasure.



Flintlock rifle and Bayonet:  208

Wheel lock pistol: 79

Rapier and Main Gauche:  112

Grenade:  22



Flintlock pistol: 34

Blunderbuss:  305

Cutlass and Boarding Axe: 201

Grenado:  22



The Pirates won due to their effective weapons for close range and mid range and how they are made for higher lethality. On the other hand the Musketeers weapons were all effective in all range but it didn’t stand up to the Pirates that much, its s close match up anyways.