EASY DEATH by Angelika & Demons

March 2, 2010

Angelika & Demons, underground gothic metal project from Moscow which is already well-known worldwide in Internet due to such songs as Zemlya, song and video Iisus Christos (which was released on CD in Croatia as a soundtrack to multimedia project of Zoran Krusvar), Starfire (collaboration with Tony McKormack, guitarist of a goth rock band Inkubus Sukkubus), collaboration with JC Carroll (The Members), etc. is happy to present the first full-length (demo) album Easy Death which has been recorded in 2008-2009.

The album is available on iTunes USA, iTunes Europe/UK, iTunes Japan, Amazon.com and Rhapsody for digital mp3 download only.

Most of songs are performed in English and some in 2 languages at once (English and Russian) which brings novelty and originality to the music.

"Easy Death's" sound will certainly remind listeners of Evanescence and ex-Nightwish with Tarja Turunen, female-fronted metal bands with gothic overtones, and can be of interest for their fans.

Beautiful pensive piano ballads with angelic voice alternate heavy guitar riffs and powerful opera singing. Strings and choirs create a special gothic atmosphere.

Several girls-vocalists took part in the project and every listener will find in the album vocals to his taste. At the same time all songs form a whole and inspired with a single concept.

Easy Death is much more than just a musical album. It carries an important spiritual message and magical power, so strong that it even can kill.

"In fact though the album is devoted to DEATH it is not really depressive because we take Death not as a tragedy but as a blessing," explain Angelika and Mara. "We encourage everyone to change attitude to death and accept it like freedom, bliss, like a new birth. Don't suffer, don't cry, TAKE DEATH EASY!"


Line-up (Easy Death):

Angelika - songwriter, founder, vocals
Mara - vocals
Oxana - songwriter, keyboard
Lilia, Kate, Anna - session vocals
Igor - guitars, arrangement
Jeff - session guitars, arrangement
Denis - session keyboard

Tracklist (Easy Death):

1. Easy Death 2:04
2. Easy Death (heavy version) 3:47
3. Requiem 4:41
4. Love Never Dies 2:35
5. Maria 3:25
6. Angel 6:20
7. Dead Night 4:21
8. The Earth 4:43
9. Zemlya 3:16
10.Close to Heaven 3:25
11.Love Never Dies (bonus) 2:35

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