Hugh Hefner Pines for Holly Madison

April 28, 2009

Hugh Hefner is desperate for ex-girlfriend Holly Madison to return to the Playboy Mansion. In a frank and honest interview with Los Angeles Confidential magazine, the 83-year-old reveals his two greatest regrets in life and why he’d welcome back the bubbly “love of his life.”

Hugh looks back fondly on his time with Holly in the Mansion. He says it was a time of great happiness. Hef’s declaration of love is a blow to current squeeze Crystal Harris. Hef opens up about his relationship with Crystal, telling the magazine, "How serious, and intimate, and important that works out to be, well we'll have to wait and see because it's only a couple months old." Crystal shouldn’t feel too worried, as Holly tells the magazine she has moved on and is unlikely to move back to the Mansion.

As for regrets, Hugh wishes he never married (he has been married twice) and laments taking his company public by listing on the stock market.

Source: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage / Getty Images