No Need for a Maury Povich Special

July 15, 2010

In a brief interview with the hard-hitting soccer reporters at E! Online, Landon Donovan revealed that a British woman he was allegedly sleeping with told him the five words every professional athlete longs to hear: You are not the father!

"I actually wasn't sure I was going to asked but I know now that I will not be a dad anytime soon, which is good news for me," Donovan said. "You just broke the story."

During the World Cup, an attractive young Brit claimed that she had a fling with the American soccer star which resulted in an unwanted (but potentially lucrative) pregnancy.

"I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support,” he said prior to last night’s revelation.

At the time, Donovan was trying to reconcile with his estranged wife, who presumably was not thrilled by the idea of making alimony payments from their joint checking account.

Fortunately, everything worked out (except for the woman banking on 18 years of MLS-funded child support) and Donovan still has a chance to win back his wife.

It’s like a DNA-confirmed fairy tale!

Photo: Gabriel Bouys/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images