Rotten Eggs Help Sex

March 3, 2009

The gas created from rotten eggs could hold the key to better, longer-lasting sex. A research team at the University of Naples in Italy found that the gas plays a role in achieving an erection.

The gas, hydrogen sulphide, helps relax nerves cells in the male member and stimulate blood flow. The lead researcher Professor Giuseppe Cirino said, "This may help to unravel the complex mechanisms underlying the physiology of human penile erection and may lead to the development of therapeutic approaches in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal disorders."

The findings could lead to an alternative to Viagra. Currently, Viagra is only effective for 80–85 percent of the male population.

Erection problems affect one in 10 men.

Source: Antonio M. Rosario & Malek Chamoun/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images