Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-British Redcoat Vs. Cossack

August 4, 2010

The British Redcoats, the UK's elite military regiment, take on the Cossacks; the finest Slavic warriors the world has ever known. As this is a gunpowder match, this will be squad on squad. This match also has five weapons rather than four. Fisrt off, we'll take a look at the Cossacks.

The Russians had a blade called the shashka.


For firearms, they would use the Vintovki rifle if they wanted to get their opponent from a distance.

The Cossacks, along with the British, rode horses into battle. To get an opponent while they were riding, the Russians used a mid range weapon called the Ulan Lance.

Then, for their special weapon the Russians would use a whip called the nagaika.

They also had a dagger which was utilized during close quarters combat situations. It was called the kindjal.

In addition to all of these weapons, the Cossacks wore armour as well. They had a cuirass which they wore to cover their back and chest.

The British Army had a special place for the soldiers who wore red into battle. Any one of these soldiers who had committed a military offence would be beaten with the Cat o' Nine Tails Whip. The red colours that adorned their outfits helped them differentiate between friend and foe on the battlefield, and reduce friendly fire.

The British Redcoats primary weapon was the "Brown Bess" flintlock musket.   




It was equpped with its own bayonet. During raids, the Brits would surprise the enemy by attacking them with the bayonet. Back in the time, there was no technology for healing puncture wounds such as these, and a stab in the right place would result in almost certain death.

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For close quarters, they also used the fascine knife to deal with enemies.

In addition to these weapons, the British Redcoats had a military sword that they could use to stop an oncoming attacker.
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Just as well, the Redcoats had an explosive grenade. The bomb that they therw looked like this.

Finally, the redcoats used caltrops; a weapon that is very good to have where most of the battles take place on horseback. The shape (It's a tetrahedron),ensures that a spike will be facing upwards.

So who will win? Let's see. The Redcoats have a very good defence by throwing the rider off his horse once they step on a spike with a stupendous amount of running force. However, the gun may prove to be the more reliable one in the Cossack's side. In terms of training, the Redcoat is favored in this match. However, the Cossacks do have armour. This is anyone's game.


 This match takes place on an hill. The Redcoats approach, noticing the Cossacks resting on the top of the hill. One of the Redcoats goes around to flank the Cossack, who is sitting peacefully under a tree. Then, the Brown bayonet is slammed through the Cossack's throat. The other Cossacks, who are spread apart, notice this. One of the Cossacks mounts, and while riding towards the Redcoat, slams his Ulan Lance into his enemy, then takes it out.

 One of the Cossacks takes aim at a Brit, but the British soldier notices and hits the Slav’s gun out of his hands. He then draws his military sword. The Cossack unsheathes his shashka in reply. The two begin a gruelingly long swordfight, matching each other’s strikes. What the Cossack doesn’t know is that a Redcoat is creeping up behind him. His musket aims for the Cossack, but misses. The Cossack, now realizing that his life is in danger, speeds up the fight while the Redcoat who is around thirty metres behind him charges. The Cossack then strikes with a low down attack, and when the British soldier parries it, the Russian slices his opponent’s head clean off. He then swings around in a graceful manoeuvre and slices his attacker. However, the Redcoat jumped back, so he is only grazed with a slice that is not very deep, but still goes from his left shoulder to his right hip in a diagonal shape. The Redcoat takes aim again, this time successfully blowing the Cossack’s head off. The cut up Recoat then begins to limp away.

 The same mounted Cossack who got the kill with the Ulan lance then thrust into the limping Redcoat at full speed. The soldier tries to stop the Ulan lance from penetrating into him by grabbing it, but underestimates its power and doesn’t do a very good job at stopping it. Another Redcoat down. The same Cossack then charges, lance raised, at another Redcoat. The horse comes thundering at the enemy Angle, but the caltrops are stomped upon, and the horse bucks his rider, who then falls into the mud. Unfortunately, the side of the Russian warrior's head slams into the caltrops, killing him. The score is now even, two and two. 

 Another mounted Cossack approaches a Redcoat, who now appears to have had a friend join him. One of them throws their grenade. This scares the horse so much that it dismounts the rider. On his bum, the Cossack draws his sword, but another grenade is thrown, and the blast kills him. The two Redcoats then huddle together, no doubt coming up with a plan.

 Then, a lone Cossack looks around, and hears shots fired on both sides of him. Glancing around wildly, he does not know who to attack first. He then picks a target, raises his Vintovka, and shoots his adversary at long range. Then, there is the other approaching Redcoat to worry about. The Cossack delivers a wild strike from his feet that knocks the enemy musket to the ground. The Cossack then draws his nagaika, whipping the opponent. However, the Redcoat is not unfamiliar with such treatment, as he has been flogged many times, so he takes the strikes to the back rather lightly. Then Cossack then tackles his foe, pinning him down to the ground. They wrestle in the mud for a while, each flipping the other over and then striking him. Then, the Cossacks draws back on his nagaika again and gives the Cossack some face flagellation. The Cossack continues whipping the foe until he is psuhed off in a demonstration of sheer force by the Redcoat.

 The Russian soldier who is on his back sees a bayonet come down on his face, but rolls away instantly, the blade planted firmly in the ground. Then, the Redcoat draws his fascine knife, stabbing the other a few times. The Cossack then whips the knife out of the Brit’s hands, and it falls to the ground point first. The Cossack then beats the Redcoat to the death with his gun. Then, the Cossack plucks a daffodil from the ground and places it near his fallen enemy. Then, raising his gun in triumph, he emits a war cry.

Analysis: The Cossacks won because their gun’s firing was superior to their opponent’s. While the Redcoats were highly trained and had very good weapons, the Cossack’s Vintovka was a more modern and reliable model of rifle, giving them the win.