Mantenna - Friday, November 20

November 20, 2009

Hayden Panettiere gets scandalous in the name of art, Michael Bay says Megan Fox will definitely be in Transformers 3, and Eminem delays his Relapse 2 LP...the rules of Mantenna? There are no rules! Two men enter! One man leaves!

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Hayden Panettiere Gets Scandalous in the Name of Art

Hayden Panettiere was caught doing some posing for Tyler Shields' new book The Dirty Side of Glamour, and the Heroes star's sexy antics are apparently all in the name of art. The video portrait shows the scantily-clad 20-year-old getting drenched in champagne in reverse order, so it ends with all the booze going back into the bottle. For whatever reason though, it seems kind of suggestive. [The Superficial]

Miley Cyrus Tour Racks Up Another Dead Body, Keeps Going

After a tour bus accident that left a man dead this morning and injured others in her crew, you'd assume Miley Cyrus would postpone Sunday's show out of respect for her employees. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong because everyone knows The Jailbait Express waits for no man! TMZ spoke with an employee at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina who tells us they've been flooded with calls asking about Miley's concert. At this point, the employee tells us, "The show is going on as scheduled." Stay classy Miley! [TMZ]

Michael Bay Says Megan Fox Will Definitely Be in Transformers 3

After all the back-biting between director Michael Bay and Megan Fox, it looks like the two have come to a rapprochement. Bay attended the Victoria’s Secret show and decided to help publicly smooth things over between himself and his feisty little diva. He said, “She’s got a great part in Transformers 3,” and, in response to whether he was going to kill her off in the third film, “No, no. No. She gets enough of that already.” Enough of….what? One way or another it’s nice to see them united again. Bay even went so far as to declare, “I love her.” Well, that’s news to everyone. [USA Today]

Youth in Revolt Gets Pushed

The Weinstein Company has pushed back the release date to their Michael Cera-starring comedy Youth in Revolt. TWC figures it’s in good stead for the awards season with The Road and Nine, so they’ve pushed Youth in Revolt to January 8th. On top of all that, TWC is going to put Youth in Revolt on a college tour with Cera himself in the flesh. Judging on the trailer that’s been released for the film, this could be a very funny movie. If nothing else we’ll get to see Cera donning an unattractively thin mustache. That’s worth the ten bucks right there.

Eminem Delays Relapse 2, Readies Refill


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Eminem is pushing his Relapse 2 release to next year. Although on Dec. 21st, Em will re-release Relapse with seven bonus tracks as Relapse: Refill. According to an official statement , the bonus tracks will include five new songs. The songs include "Taking My Ball" from DJ Hero as well as "Forever." "Hopefully these tracks on The Refill will tide the fans over until we put out Relapse 2 next year," Eminem said in the statement. [Billboard]

20 Oddly Sexual Product Names

Studies show that four out of five guys go with the funny product name over the lead competitor. Or at least that's what the folks at CollegeHumor say, and you know how rigorous their fact-checking department is. So why not take a gander at their hilarious collection of bizarrely named products that sound just a wee bit dirtier than what was probably intended. Us? We'll be feasting on a tasty bag of Uncle Jesse's Nuts. [CollegeHumor]

GameStop Announces World's Largest Modern Warfare 2 Tournament

GameStop announced today that it would hold the "world's largest" Modern Warfare 2 tournament kicking off November 20 both online and at 2,900+ US GameStop locations that might be near you.  There are actually three different tournaments in all. The first is the U.S.-only Xbox 360 one-on-one scenario, where Round I takes place in-store. Round II takes it to Xbox Live, and the finals go down in some as-yet undecided location, with a grand prize of $5,000. Then there are the International four-on-four tourneys for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The top four teams from each platform will go to the finals to duke it out for a $10,000 grand prize. Time to start training! [Suprize Attack]

Anti-Video Game Violence Institute Closes, Gamers Rejoice

The National Institute on Media and the Family has made it their business to tout the overwhelmingly negative effects video games have on youngsters, but as of December 31st, the organization will be no more. They're infamous for issuing typically low-scoring report cards to the ESRB and other entities in the gaming industry, and for propagating the values of the group's founder, psychologist David Walsh. We bet some of you are overjoyed that the immeasurably critical group is shutting down. However, without their constant panning, we expect violence in video games to grow unchecked within the next few months. Soon enough, you won't be able to find a title that doesn't contain a chainsaw-wielding zombie grandma eating her own rotten flesh. The children! Think of the children! [Star Tribune]

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