Gamer Rants: Axe sucks

June 26, 2009

Obviosly everyone on has heard of Axe. If you are a dumbass and cant see the ads at all which I KNOW you can then i will tell you what Axe is. Axe is a hygene product for men which to all the idiots who dident go to school means it a shampoo a deodernt shower gel ect,. but realy to me ITS A CHEAP-ASS PIECE OF SHIT. I hope you got that clear now you are probably wondering WELL GAMER, DATS UR OPINION AND, YOU HAVENT SAID WHY IT SUCKS. DUMBASS. I was getting to that heres why it sucks it dosent make you smell a GUY it makes you smell like a PUSSY. Also there was this one kind of Axe scent were it smells like lime icecream LIME-GOD-DAMN-ICECREAM. I dont wont to smell like that! Oh yeah now that I saw the ad im gonna rant about the Axe Detailer for one thing, it looks STUPID and just another way to buy the same old shit only in a differnt form so you dubasses can tell and buy it! Guys, it realy and I mean REALY looks just like another way to get your money. Anyways, dont buy Axe its cheaply made buy poor hungry chinese eight year olds. Also, Axe chocolate is a piece of shit to.