Your Xbox Is About To Become Your Cable Box

October 5, 2011

Fun fact: the current generation of video game consoles are Trojan horses to get you used to having a computer hooked up to your TV. That way, streaming services and video on demand can be piped right to your house. But Microsoft is stepping up to it in a big, big way.

In short, your XBox is about to replace your cable box. Dozens of major cable channels are about to start streaming directly into your 360, with live and rerun programming. Sorry, Wii and PS3 owners, but you're going to have to wait, although maybe not for long if this deal works out.

Why are cable companies doing this? The short answer is that they want you to buy lots and lots of TV shows from them, and preferably keep buying your cable TV from them, and that this is a step to lock you in as a customer. The dream is ultimately to have a system that lets you do everything and that everyone from advertisers to consumers uses to keep connected.

Here's our question: do we get to use the Kinect to slap around annoying hosts? Because that would be awesome. That would be worth $100 a month, just to finally deck Simon Cowell. Just saying, cable companies. Think about it.

Source: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images