Miami Music

December 8, 2009

I've just seen the LMS video of him reciting some acapella verse that yall should check out ASAP by going here: . LMS is a rare artist in a league of his own but in Miami there's an eclectic group of talented artist that need to be heard. Some may fall into the cookie cutter aspect of radio friendly songs made for ringtones, but for the most part many still have that great artistic integrity to show and prove, while educating. Edutainment some might say.

When it comes to Southern Rap Music people tend to throw all southern cities into one basket thinking they are all made up of horse-riding-cowboys from the the rural parts of the country. Miami is not any of the above.

Miami is a metropolitan city with various high and low class regions. This is why Miami music is unique in the way it's melting pot society with carribean climate and urban residents come together to give off a vibe unlike any in the world.

It's Hip Hop scene is diverse and growing. As of lately it's received much success with artist such as Rick Ross, Pitbull, and Flo Rida. This is why many artist from other parts of the country are flocking to Miami.

To obtain more of an understanding on who is really from Miami and not just playing a part make sure to Google 305 Hip Hop and see what type of artist "The Bottom of the Map" has.