Mantenna - Tuesday, June 16

June 16, 2009

Kanye West and Amber Rose break up, a teenager wakes up with 56 star tattoos on her face, and Nazis head to the's the Mantenna!

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Teenager Wakes Up with 56 Star Tattoos on Face

Kimberley Vlaminck, an 18-year-old Belgian woman, is suing a tattoo artist after she allegedly asked for three star tattoos on her face but instead received 56. Kimberly claims she fell asleep while being tattooed and awoke to a “nightmare.” She says, “It is terrible for me. I cannot go out on to the street, I am so embarrassed. I just look horrible. I think he didn’t understand what I wanted. He spoke only fractured English and French. But I explicitly said in my native tongue, French, and also in a little bit of English when he looked confused, that I wanted three little stars only near my left eye.” The tattoo artist, Rouslan Toumaniantz, claims that Vlaminck “asked for 56 stars”. He says the 18-year-old changed her story when she went home and “her father and boyfriend threw a fit.” [Daily Mail]

The Smiths' Crazy Sex Life

Jada Pinkett Smith has opened up about her sex life with husband of 12 years, Will Smith. In a new interview with Redbook, the actress reveals that she likes to keep the flames of passion alive by having spontaneous sex. “Pull over on the side of the road! Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex. Does he have access to his office? Have a fantasy date. Be his secretary! Be sneaky. Your girlfriend's house at a party. The bathroom! A guest bedroom! Just switch it up. Anything like that can keep it going. Anything it takes to keep the flame alive.” Lucky Will! [Redbook Mag]

Nazis on the Moon

A new film with lots of Finnish financing behind it about a cadre of Nazis who escaped to the moon at the close of World War II, Iron Sky, is also being backed by Walt Disney Finland and 27 Film Production in Germany. Some cool concept art for the movie has been released, which is enough to get every war buff and sci-fi fanboy drooling. Iron Sky is going to be directed by first-time helmer Timo Vuorensola and will star Gotz Otto and Udo Kier -- you know, the usual European genre stars. For a sequel it would be interesting to see fascists on Mars, but I guess we’ll just have to see how well the Fourth Reich fares on the moon. [First Showing]

Kanye West and Amber Rose Split


Source: Dominique Charria/Getty Images

Kanye West is single again as rumors of him breaking up with model girlfriend Amber Rose have been proven true. While neither of them has acknowledged the nature of their relationship, a representative for Kanye has confirmed, "They are no longer a couple." Kanye West began dating Amber Rose in January this year. Previously he was engaged to girlfriend Alexis Phifer. They split in 2008 after six years together. [Ace Showbiz]

Bob Bogle of The Ventures Dies At 75

Bob Bogle, lead guitarist and co-founder of the rock band The Ventures, known for 1960s instrumental hits like "Walk, Don't Run," has died at age 75. Don Wilson, the band's other co-founder, told The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington that Bogle became ill over the weekend and died Sunday. The band sold millions of albums and heavily influenced other rock guitarists. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. Among its other hits were "Perfidia" and the theme from Hawaii Five-O. [Billboard]

Microsoft Says Gay Games OK, Gay Gamers Are Not

This fall, an Xbox 360 game will have the word "gay" in its title. But will 360 gamers be able to call themselves gay by then? During an E3 interview with Microsoft's corporate vice president of Xbox Live software and services, John Schappert, posed a question that he'd been sent by a reader: How did the company reconcile the fall offering of a game called Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony with the fact that Microsoft still doesn't let gamers mention their sexual orientation in their Xbox Live profiles or use the term gay in their Gamertag?" I think the two are very separate issues," Schappert responded. It's safe to assume those two issues are profit vs. political correctness. [1Up]

"Video Game Obessiosn" Apparently a Viable Defense in Murder Trials

An Ohio judge has granted Daniel Petric a lenient sentence today, citing the teen's video game addiction to Halo 3 as a potential contributing factor in the 2007 shooting that left his mother dead. 16-year-old Daniel Petric, angered at his parents for taking away the copy of Halo 3 that he had purchased against their wishes, shot both of his parents in the head with his father's 9mm handgun, after requesting that they close their eyes because he had "a surprise" for them. Defense lawyers argued video game obsession as a motivating factor behind the killing, and that Daniel didn't think the deaths would be real due to his immersion in Halo 3. Really? Wonder if we can get out of those armed robbery and aggravated assault charges if we play a grip of GTAIV before the trial starts? [Fox 8]

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