Roman Gladiator vs Celt

January 12, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when Rome's deadliest entertainer faces off against a wild savage from Ireland? Read on to see!?


Roman Gladiator

Short Range: Gladius

Medium Range: Trident & Net

Long Range: Javelin

Special: Cestus

Armor: Bronze Helmet & Tower Shield



Short Range: Celtic Longsword

Medium Range: Lancea

Long Range: Sling

Special: Burda Club

Armor: Leather Armor & Celtic Shield


Who Got the Edge

Gladius vs Celtic Longsword: The Gladius gets the edge. Despite the extra length, the Celtic Longsword was meant mostly to be a slashing weapon. The Gladius, on the other hand, can slash, hack, and stab without using too much personal energy.


Trident & Net vs Lancea: The Trident & Net get the edge. Although the Lancea can be used up close as well as thrown, with the Net, you can throw it and trip somebody up, while you charge in with the Trident to stab them in the heart.


Javelin vs Sling: The Javelin & Sling get the edge. Neither weapon wasn't necessarily accurate, but when they hit their target, they would feel it.


Cestus vs Burda Club: Both weapons get the edge. Both were designed to beat the living daylights out of anyone who was stupid enough to get in close, and they do their job pretty damn good.


Bronze Helmet & Tower Shield vs Leather Armor & Celtic Shield: The Bronze Helmet & Tower Shield get the edge. The Leather Armor is good for movement, but it really can't protect itself against any of the Gladiator's weapons, except maybe the Sling. His Celtic Shield gives him extra protection, but it can slow him down if the Celt isn't careful. With the Bronze Helmet, the Gladiator's is protected against most attacks aimed at the head, while the Tower Shield can block attacks from a variety of sources and angles. It can even be used offensively, if so desired.



Sesticus was a famous gladiator. Long ago, he had gotten in trouble with the local politicans, who had him locked up in prison. By a strange twist of fate, he had made friends with the prison constable, who was also a local gladiator manager. The constable made a few deals, and managed to set Sesticus free, under the condition that he won 100 fights in the arena.


Today was his 100th fight. All it would take for him to be truly free was to win this fight. He was ready for his fight. A Bronze Helmet on his head, a Tower Shield strapped to his left arm, a Gladius strapped to his belt, a Trident in his right hand and a Net in his left hand. The one weapon that he loved the most was the Cestus tied to his right hand. It was responsible for killing at least half of his opponents, who's faces were more mangled than torn paper.


The gate raised upward, and Sesticus walked out into the arena. He was greeted by a bright sun, and the cheer of thousands of people. Walking further, Sesticus saluted the thousands of people who were on their feet, clapping and roaring in approval. Sesticus finally stopped in the middle of the arena, right in front of the emperor's pavallion. He had also managed to become friends with the emperor, and how he did so, he'll never know.


The emperor got up out of his seat, and walked to the edge of the pavallion. He raised his hand, and everyone in the arena went silent.


"Welcome, loyal citizens of Rome!" the emperor shouted in joy. "We are all hear in the support of Sesticus, who is in his last fight for freedom! We have seen him, time and time again, battle the fiercest of beasts, and the fiercest of foes! They were dangerous, no doubt, but for his final fight, we have found him a...challenging opponent! Raise the gate!"


Sesticus turned to face the gate, which was being raised by the time he turned around. The gate was fully raised, and the whole arena was in a shroud of silence. A moment later, Sesticus's opponent stumbled out into the arena.


He was a strange individual. He worn brown leather armor with some checkered cloth around the waist. He had a brown bushy beard, and a bunch of hair on top of his head, which was very unkempt and dirty. Sesticus then noticed the blue lines painted all over his face and arms, and realized who his opponent was.


The emperor spoke again. "Ladies & gentlemen, behold! A wild & vicious Celt! These savages come from the Emerald Island, where they fight amongst themselves, and practice strange pagan rites! We have brought him here, for you!"


Sesticus had heard of the Celts. They were dangerous warriors in their own right. Capable of some impressive feats of warfare, and used some of the most savage weapons ever seen. This would be a good change to prove himself, Sesticus thought.


"Gentlemen...fight!" the emperor yelled out.


Sesticus's last fight for freedom began. The Celt started off the fight by taking off a piece of cord off of his belt. A Sling, Sesticus thought to himself. That's a weapon only for criminals!


Stabbing his Trident into the ground, Sesticus took the Javelin from his Tower Shield, and gripped it with his right hand. As he was getting ready to throw it, a small rock flew at his shield. He looked and saw that the Celt was getting ready to throw another stone at him. Sesticus let loose the Javelin, and it flew towards his target with the grace of Hermes.


The Celt just stood there, apparently not noticing the flying spike coming towards him. It was just a trick, as he aimed his sling at the Javelin, and let loose the rock. It flew towards the object, and actually managed to knock it out of it's flight path. The Javelin landed harmlessly about a foot away from the Celt, who them placed his sling back onto his belt.


A good shot, Sesticus thought. It, however, would be his last.


He plucked his Trident from the ground, and charged at the Celt. In response, the Celt took his Lancea off of his back, and picked up his Celtic Shield from the ground. Getting closer and closer, the Celt got into a defensive stance to absorb Sesticus's incoming onslaught. Sesticus closed the distance, and was met with a flurry of thrusts from the Celt's Lancea.


Raising his Tower Shield in time, Sesticus was able to block the Celt's wild rampage. He fought back with his Trident, trading blow for blow. This went on for minutes, and during this time, the crowd was cheering not just Sesticus, but the savage Celt as well. Sesticus wasn't surprised, as his opponent was a surprisingly good fighter.


Getting tired of just trading blows, Sesticus threw the Net he had at the Celt's legs. It wrapped around them, and made the Celt fall backwards on his backside. Perhaps in a fit of panic, he threw his Lancea at Sesticus. It actually managed to hit his Trident arm, but didn't go all the way through. Blood was trickling down his arm, but the attack didn't bother Sesticus at all, seeing as how he was used to pain. He took the spear out of his arm, and tossed it aside.


Getting a little angry, Sesticus drew his Gladius and went after the Celt, who at this time had gotten untangled from the Net that was throw at his legs. He was up on his feet, and was breathing a little heavily. In his left hand was a Celtic Longsword, shaped similar to my own sword, Sesticus thought.


He had no time for thinking, as the Celt ran at him, screaming like a lunatic. He finally came at him, swinging his blade left & right. Sesticus was able to block many of the Celt's attacks, but a small few went past him, and landed on his Tower Shield. He took a few more hits, before he grew tired of the attacks, and swung his shield into the Celt's chest.


The Celt went flying backwards, dropping his longsword in the process. He landed on his back again, but didn't have anything to attack Sesticus with this second time around. He lied still on the ground, then got up a second later. He could have sworn that a rib might have been broken, but he wasn't quite sure. He got up off of the ground, then looked back at Sesticus. He wasn't holding his Gladius anymore, nor was the Tower Shield on his left arm anymore. Instead, he was rubbing the iron-studded Cestus that was tied to his right hand. Wanting to get down and dirty, he took of his Celtic Shield, and took of his Burda Club from his belt. An interesting weapon, Sesticus thought.


Now the men were in prime killing mode, and the bloodlust could be felt by the entire crowd. Even the emperor couldn't help but feel a little giddy about the whole spectacle before him, as he hadn't seen a fight this exciting in a long time.


Sesticus and the Celt went charging for each other. When they finally made contact, they began beating each other senseless. The Celt tried swing his club at Sesticus's helmet, but the attacks were in vain. All they did was make a lot of noise, but not a lot of pain. Sesticus just pushed the Celt backwards, and laughed. As he was laughing at him, the Celt went back in, and landed a blow on Sesticus's chest. The attack brought him to his knees. The Celt went over and tore off Sesticus's helmet, exposing his head for the crowd to see. As he was about to land a final blow, he was greeted by an arm grasping his club, and another hand on his throat. The club was tossed aside, and iron-studded fist after iron-studded fist came at his face. The last punch was so strong, it caused his nose to be shoved back into his brain, killing him instantly.


Sesticus dropped the Celt's lifeless body onto the dusty floor of the arena, then turned to face the emperor. "Libertas!" he yelled to the emperor.


Gladiator: 650

Gladius: 350

Trident & Net: 220

Javelin: 30

Cestus: 50


Celt: 350

Celtic Longsword: 150

Lancea: 120

Sling: 30

Burda Club: 50


Final Examination: The Gladiator, with his superior weapons & discipline, was able to beat back the savageness of the Celt.


Strongest Weapon: The Gladius brought in a gut-busting 350 kills, making it the strongest weapon of this fight.


Weakest Weapon: The longe ranged weapons of the Gladiator & Celt brought in only 30 kills, making them the weakest weapons of this fight.


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