Would You Eat at Buck Foston's Roadhouse?

August 16, 2011

The Red Sox and the Yankees have a long and storied rivalry, to their fans. It has, however, gotten bitter over the last decade. At least for the hardcore fans; Sox and Yankees fans who show up to watch the two best teams in the AL can just drink their beers and stare in embarrassment as the Bleacher Creatures and Red Sox Nation go at it in the stands.

Leave it to Jersey, however, to make that rivalry in restaurant form. Lawrence Blatterfein wants to open a restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ, called "Buck Foston's Roadhouse."

That sound you heard was the 99% of Yankees fans with actual lives smacking their foreheads in unison.

Shockingly, however, this restaurant is running into problems. James Cahill, the mayor, and the city council haven't approved Blatterfein's liquor license for the roadhouse. Blatterfein says it's because the mayor is a Red Sox fan, despite the mayor stating he's happy the empty Bennigan's is becoming a restaurant again. The city counters its because they haven't finished an investigation into Blatterfein and his partner in this venture, and that they have until mid-September.

To be fair, Blatterfein is losing thousands of dollars every week and he loses his agreement if he doesn't get his license by August 31st. So, he's gone to the courts, hoping they'll order them to give him a liquor license. We're looking forward to this restaurant being open for approximately two weeks before a bus full of Sox fans show up and it burns to the ground during the ensuing bar fight.

Photo: Jim Rogash/Getty Images Sport