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Bro For Glory

by Robbie E   October 22, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 5,591

What's up, bro! Me and Jessie have been partying all week since our huge win for the TNA Tag Team Championship this past Sunday night in San DiegBRO!

Bro for Glory was truly an amazing weekend for me and Jessie and here is why bro!

5 - Bro Interaction - Saturday morning we got to meet Bro Man Fans from all around the world which was dope. It's always great to hear that we are appreciated everywhere and there are bros in different area codes. Jessie and I received some cool gifts and loved every second of renaming fan interaction to Bro Interaction when we were introduced.

4 - Spike TV Pre Show - Winning the Spike TV pre-show gauntlet match over Bad Influence, Chavo and Hernandez and Joseph Park and (that hamster) EY secured our spot on the Pay-Per-View and our Tag Team Title shot. What a win, bro!

3 - Bro of Fame Dinner - Watching Kurt Angle, who is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, be inducted into the Bro of Fame was amazing. He's a great human and total wrestling machine. He is definitely down with the Bro Mans, bro. Plus our outfits were gangster!

2 - "Mr. Olympia" Phil Heath - Having the Big Bro walk us to the ring was amazing, bro! He is freaking Mr. Olympia, bro! I mean, of course, Jessie and I got him in the shape he is in now, but still he's the man. A true genetic freak and awesome guy, bro!

1 - Bro for Glory - Winning tag team gold. We showed the world we are the best tag team out there and took it to Gunner and James Storm. We run things now in TNA, so get used to it, bro! We beat them with our killer finisher the "Bro Down" just like we did to EY in the gauntlet match. Boom!

We will be partying all week, all the way to Spike TV in Salt Lake City, Utah live this Thursday bro!

Until next week. Oh! This was my bro man blog, bro. All the gold, all the glory, all the girls, it's all coming together, bro.

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