The Daily Douchebag - Thursday, November 26

November 26, 2009

If there’s one guy to feel bad for during these difficult economic times, you'd think it would be the 50-year-old Taipei resident who was recently held up at gun point after taking $2 million (or 77 million Taiwanese dollars) out of an ATM.

A Taiwanese web site claims that as the local millionaire (who may or may not keep his gold coins in a giant vault in order to swim through them) took out the money before three masked men held him up at gunpoint and proceeded to commit the highest valued robbery the city has ever seen.

Quite frankly, it sounds like crime pays over there and that ATM machines need to seriously examine withdraw limits. In the meantime, what was this clown thinking?

Hey D-Bag, next time you want to show off, maybe just take one million dollars out of the machine.

Source: AFP/Getty Images

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