Megan Fox Talks Sex Tape

September 9, 2009

In a new interview with MTV News, the sexy Transformers star reveals all about her views on starring in her own sex tape and appearing nude onscreen.

It what could be the worst news of the century, Megan Fox has closed the door on ever making a sex tape. In doing so she has outright crushed the dreams and fantasies of every man on the planet.

She told MTV News she’d never, ever, cross-her-heart-hope-to-die video herself getting naughty between the sheets. She said, “Ugh, never! That's the last thing I want to see — what I look like having sex. It would take one shot of me not looking good and I would not be able to have sex ever again, because I would always just see myself looking like a hippo having sex.” Megan, I doubt very much you’d look like a hippo, but you’ll never know until you try.

Megan landed another devastating blow in the same interview, saying she’d never appear naked onscreen. “I can't ever imagine myself doing nudity in a film,” she says. “It lives forever, especially now, with the Internet. I just can't. I just can't.” Now Ms. Fox is going too far. It’s one thing to say no to a sex tape, but is completely unacceptable for an actress ever to rule out nudity.

Apparently Megan is still fuming over the leaking of photos from the set of her new film Jennifer’s Body, which showed the 23-year-old wearing a flesh-colored thong and pasties. She adds, “Literally all I have left are my private parts and I don't want to also share them with the world. I'd like to keep them private. That's why they're called that!”

Honestly, all this talk of being chaste is kind of refreshing.

Source: Frank Micelotta/TCA 2009/Getty Images