Michael Jackson's Hair to be Used for Jewelry

July 27, 2009

The burned hair from Michael Jackson’s infamous Pepsi commercial mishap is apparently being turned into priceless gems.

LifeGem, a Chicago-based jeweler that specializes in making high-quality diamonds from individual hair samples, has announced plans to put out a limited collection made from MJ's hair. Dean VandenBiesen, founder of LifeGem, stated that their “plan is to give people an opportunity to own a diamond made from Michael Jackson's DNA."

Ralph Cohen, the executive producer for the 1984 Pepsi shoot, obtained the hair by putting it into his jacket pocket after Michael’s hair caught on fire. After MJ died, collector John Reznikoff received the hair from Cohen and reached out to LifeGem about turning the hair into diamonds.

"The provenance and authenticity of this lock of hair is impeccable, including the highly publicized video showing the original owner of the hair using his Armani jacket to extinguish Jackson's hair," said Reznikoff in a statement. "We are currently evaluating the sample to determine how many diamonds can be created," said VandenBiesen. "This will be a limited collection and we anticipate great interest."

This is the weirdest and most disgusting thing I've heard in a long while.

Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images